Internships can lead us to our dream jobs

“Internship” According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is a period of undergoing practical instruction in one’s job or career: seeking a summer internship at a local television station.

“Job” According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is a regular remunerative position. An example is working at Chick-fil-A as a server.

The difference between a job and an internship is that an internship is temporary and a job may be permanent. Another difference is that an internship is a field directly related to your career while your job can be any means of making money to pay bills. If I am a political science major and I get an internship with the United States Senate that means I am building my career. I could also get a job as a waitress in a restaurant around my school and that does not relate to my career.

I remember how I got my first internship. I had gone to an event with my new friends and I went for an event off campus and from there I asked a professor I met what I could do to contribute. Notice that I wanted to contribute to this event. That was my passion speaking. My professor then told me what I could do to help. He then told me of an internship and from there I got my first internship ever. I was going to work with a candidate and that was me starting my path in a political career. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited about an opportunity to give back to my community at the same time earn college credits. I was nervous because I was a junior in college and I was not sure of myself and my ability to be professional enough for such an internship.

Research shows that an internship can lead to a job.

Internships have a lot of advantages like real word experience, networking, resume builder, helps students balance their time and a good foundation for our career. Jobs help pay for tuition, professional development, vacation time, health insurance and sometimes life insurance.

Jobs are the ultimate reason why college students spend thousands of dollars on higher education. It would be hard to find any college student who does not want to have a job at the end of the four to six-year struggle of being in college.

Where do students get jobs?

Students get jobs in various places. The first resource is career services on campus. This resource helps connect employers with students who are prospective employees. The career service can also connect students to various fairs that can help them get a job themselves. Career services sometimes have openings in their offices so that you can work while you are looking for a higher job after you graduate.

The reality is that most students have to work two to three jobs while on campus to pay fees, tuition, bills and living expenses. So it is important to prepare for both those jobs and internships. It is also very important to note that any job can help in building your career. An example is an International Relations major who gets a job at McDonald’s, you may ask how this job can help in your international career? Yes. It helps you build people skills which are very important in an international relations career.  It also helps build your skills in multitasking and customer relations.

Building relationships are important to a successful career.

Any job can help any major even if it does not relate to that major. There are many interdisciplinary courses nowadays and so from there you can add the job to your resume and work hard till you get to your dream job.

Professors can help you get jobs too if they know of places hiring. Alumni can be a helpful resource and other students who are more experienced.

Some resources to get jobs online include: Indeed, Career Builder, Glassdoor, Dice, Link Up, LinkedIn, Monster, Simplyhired and Idealist. Jobs are important to build your network of professionals that you want to be connected with so that it is easier to transition from study to professional after graduation.

Sometimes an internship outside your field can actually make you see that you’re more passionate about something else and you could also then get a better dream job.





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