Husky hunt event during homecoming

Huskies are hidden all over campus for students to find during the husky hunt. Photo credit: Tim Speier

Homecoming at St. Cloud State is looking a bit different this year due to COVID-19 so SCSU added events that can take place while following all state and city guidelines. One of those Homecoming events, put on by the University Program Board, is the Husky Hunt which ran the whole week of homecoming.

Members of the program board came up with the idea of a scavenger hunt type event this past summer. When they were planning this they were thinking of fun COVID-19 safe events to add.

“Since the Hunt will take place partially inside and mostly outside – if weather permits – , we hope for students to have fun, be introduced to areas and great resources on campus, and to safely practice COVID-19 guidelines while enjoying their hunt,” David Lopez, a UPB coordinator, said.

Hunting for the huskies has given students a different type of activity to do with friends. It gets them to explore campus areas that some people do not go to very often and have fun with friends while doing so.

“My friends and I have been participating in this event because it makes us go and explore the campus more than we have so far this year,” Mike Johnson, a student participant, said. “It has been fun being able to do this.”

Students who participate in hunting for the huskies were looking for a small plush husky on a key chain. Huskies were hidden all over campus inside and outside.

Once a student finds one, they just followed the instruction on the card attached to the key chain and took it to the UPB/Department of Campus Involvement desk where they were entered into a prize drawing.

If students showed a lot of interest in the event, UPB will be looking to do more scavenger hunts in the future.

“The hunt was a very fun activity that had hard and easy parts to it,” Sarah Huynh, one of the winners of the hunt, said “and I would definitely do another one.”

With the success of this scavenger hunt, other organizations on campus are making their own. The next one will be hosted by the School of Public Affairs for an explore your major event, starting Tuesday, Oct. 20 until Oct. 22.

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