Husky AMA heads to New Orleans

“It’s a weeklong conference of expanding your marketing knowledge, building your network, and having fun”

The Husky American Marketing Association (AMA) has endured many challenges this year, all of which are helping the organization with their upcoming trip to New Orleans. Among the biggest of challenges that the organization has faced this year was the national American Marketing Association market research competition.

The competition entails an enormous amount of research and work to create an integral marketing campaign for an affiliate client for the AMA. This year’s affiliate client was Vitamin Water. The goal of Husky AMA, as well as other chapters around the country is to create a pitch to Vitamin Water that will give the company a strategic marketing campaign that will best sell the company’s products that they are currently pushing for.

The Husky AMA’s market research analysis to Vitamin Water was submitted along with potentially 350 other submissions from around the country. After each chapter submits their integral marketing campaign, including the necessary criteria, each chapter of the AMA will be graded and ranked alongside the rest of the competition.

“It’s a long, comprehensive process,” Ryan Ruhland said, the executive vice president of Husky AMA.

“We were fortunate we had our current president, Halle Wiseman, who was the VP [vice president] of market research last year, help out Clara Boil, who is the VP of market research this year,” he continued. “Basically, Clara devised a team of about 10 people, and they did background research on the current standing of Vitamin Water with our demographic and she was able to build a profile of who the typical consumer of Vitamin Water would be and based on the information that she and her team were able to compile, they could figure out the best way to go forward to promote that product.”

Weisman had other challenges that she worked to improve on which helped to strive the organization as a whole.

“The most significant challenge that the market research overcame while working on the integrated marketing communications plan for Vitamin Water was to integrate the new members with the returning,” Weisman said. “We had an equal balance and we were able to bring everyone to the same level in order to understand the project, process and outcome that we wanted.”

The AMA’s annual gathering this year is in New Orleans. Each chapter of the association can bring representatives to the conference to compete in other activities, as well as learn more about the industry of marketing.

“The trip entails an opening ceremony, keynote speakers from Fortune 500 companies, leadership sessions, several competitions, a career fair, and closing ceremonies. It’s a weeklong conference of expanding your marketing knowledge, building your network, and having fun,” Weisman said.

While being exposed to so many different companies and speakers of the industry, networking will also be a fortunate plus to the trips long list of opportunities.

“Growing our alumni database over 100 percent, launching two new social platforms, Instagram and Snapchat for our organization, and having significant growth and participation on our social media platforms are just some of the ways communications has flourished this last year,” said Katherine Banken, vice president of communications.

Ruhland said that the organization is 45 members strong, which is down from previous years. Ruhland attributes the low numbers to the overall lower enrollment numbers at the Herberger business school.

Husky AMA, however, is still one of the stronger organizations on campus with strong internal funding, as well as being able to expose its members to opportunities such as the trip to New Orleans, which is scheduled for March 18 to 21.

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