Huskies Day of Caring gives back to community

On Thursday, Sept. 20, St. Cloud State University held a “Huskies Day of Caring” event that had a lot of different indoor service projects for anybody in the St. Cloud community to do in an effort to give back to the community in a different way than normal volunteering.

The clean up of Barden Park was canceled due to the rainy weather we were having at the time of the event, but that didn’t stop anybody from doing the indoor projects to help give back to the community. Atwood had multiple tables with many different things to do.

Not only did they have the Atwood lounge full of people, there were also more projects upstairs for people to do as well. Some of the projects they were letting people help with were making tie blankets, making inspirational stones, making scarves, and many more.

St. Cloud State students Georgie Loftis and Katlyn Lindquist said they “want to stay for a couple hours and do as many projects as possible.”

Both girls wanted to try a little bit of everything when it came to doing the projects, but Lindquist was most excited to try the scarves and mats. Both girls really like giving back to the community; Loftis has a great understanding of how much a little bit of volunteering or doing something as simple as making an inspiring stone, can help make somebody’s day better and easier.

The Inspiration Stones table, one of the many arts and crafts activities to participate in during the day.

When she works on the weekends, she has seen how much even just an hour of volunteering can help make everyone’s lives a little bit easier. Loftis, who is the president of the Graduate Clinical Counseling Association (GCCA) at St. Cloud State University, also said she “wanted to get more faces on campus” since not many people know about that student organization.

Another view of the event was from Alex Halvorson, who works for the department of campus involvement through a graduate assistant-ship, so instead of getting to just volunteer and do whatever projects he wanted to do, he was working the event. Halvorson explained that everything goes to people in need, which he likes. His favorite project was the tie blankets because he “is not artistic” but he helped with multiple other projects as well when he wasn’t having to work the event. He said “it is important to be involved with a community and give back,” which seemed to be a big theme with this event.

The main lounge of Atwood during the event.

The event was a success and everyone who attended helped some people in need by doing the service projects that SCSU was able to provide for students and community members to do. People in need will hopefully appreciate everything the students and St. Cloud community members were able to do and St. Cloud State should be having another event that is similar to this at some point in the near future, since everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and the event itself.

The Huskies Day of Caring flyers they had at the tables.
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Elaina Fourniea

Elaina is a junior with a mass communications major and psychology minor at St. Cloud State University. She is a writer for the University Chronicle.

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