Huskies basketball wrap up their seasons this weekend

St. Cloud State Huskies basketball travels on the road to wrap up their regular season of play over this weekend. To finish the regular season, men’s and women’s basketball are traveling to Minot, North Dakota where they will face off against Minot State.

St. Cloud State leads over Minot State in both men’s and women’s rankings in the NCIS Conference. St. Cloud State men’s basketball has a home record of 10-5 and the women’s basketball earned a 9-4 record playing at their home court. The men’s record playing on the road is 2-8 (0-1 playing at a neutral location) and the women’s record playing away games is 4-8. The Huskies and the Beavers have similar ratios of wins to losses playing at home, which has proven that each team holds the upper hand in each match-up when one team plays at their own court.

The Huskies approach this upcoming weekend of scheduled basketball as a way to end the season on a positive note and to bring in some momentum entering the postseason. Maintaining their position in the conference would increase their chances of having more postseason games on their home court.

Even though both of these teams are lingering in the middle of the conference, any movement in position is vital in pursuing progress going into playoff time. Since both of the men’s St. Cloud State and Minot State teams will be traveling to play the start of their playoff runs, each team wants to end their season on an upbeat note that may have the potential that may lead to a run that can carry into playoff play.

Women’s St. Cloud State and Minot State teams are in position to host postseason basketball when the time comes so they are looking to withstand their ranking in their conference. The women’s St. Cloud State team is sitting in 4th right in front of Minot State, who is in 5th place.

Playing one another this weekend won’t move either one in ranking, but will give them something to feed off of when they go into the playoffs. The men’s St. Cloud State team is holding a slight margin, sitting in 11th place over the 12th seed Minot State. Facing one another this weekend may decide who gets what spot leading into the end of the season.

After the visit to Minot, the Huskies will travel to Bismarck, North Dakota to play against the University of Mary. The University of Mary stands in a solid 2nd place position in the NCIS conference entering the postseason, so a strong finish at home against a conference rival will make this a game that will ensure their dominant ranking.

A win for the Huskies would give them momentum leading into the end of regular season play by defeating one of the powerhouses in their conference. The women’s St. Cloud State team will enter Bismarck with the hope of finishing their season with a win that would make their seeding permanent, along with giving their team a positive mentality leading back to Halenbeck Hall. If the Huskies women defeat both of their upcoming opponents this weekend, they would finish the season with single-digit losses.

The last place these two teams played one another was in St. Cloud, where St. Cloud State took the win at home, 70-51. That win gives them some confidence that may carry over into their last game of the regular season. The NCIS/ Stanford Health Tournament for both men’s and women’s begins on Feb. 24 and the result of this weekend for every team inside the conference will determine where each team will end up.

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