Homeless & Big Cats Take Stage at MNL

Homeless and Big Cats are independent artists who happened to have a class together in college while attending the University of Minnesota. Each of them had their own interest in music in different genres. But, they started to go to different shows together and realized each other’s passion, and eventually they showed the other their work. The rest is history.

Homeless started out with more of a spoken word sound as well as slam poetry, where he would get judged based off of his poetry. Eventually he turned that into more of an interest in hip-hop and that escalated to rap, which is what you hear today. He said that he was influenced by local artists he heard growing up and wanted to achieve what they did.

But, Big Cats always loved the vibe he is still working on today. He started out focusing on classical and jazz music. Later on he did some DJ work, which lead him into making beats. The overall progression of his sound has been changing over time and maybe he isn’t done figuring it out.

These two have been working at this for about seven years now, and when the beat drops, you can tell. They played at the Icehouse a couple of times and not only is it the performing that they love, but getting together with the audience – which for that night in-particular consisted of a lot of their friends.

Homeless said, “That’s why we do this anyway, because it’s fun to chill with your friends, sell out a show, celebrate making cool music that you like and hope other people like it too.”

Big Cats added to that saying, “It’s all of that, then at the end of the night someone hands you money, compared to going out and spending it all!”

Homeless and Big Cats recently dropped a record together called, ‘The Polar Bear Rug.’ It features seven songs and is available for free download on SoundCloud or at thepolarbearrug.com. Historically they have released singles that collaborate with other local artists such as MaLLy, Tru, P.O.S. and many others.

Big Cats dropped his own record this past Friday called, ‘What If It Doesn’t Get Better?’ The record featured Lydia Liza and it consists of eight tracks. The release party was at Amsterdam in St. Paul this past Saturday.

The chemistry between the guys is definitely noticeable. When they bounce ideas off of each other it’s like they can predict what the other is going to say. When you’re friends and have worked together for so long it seems that reading minds is a side effect.



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