Holocaust Remembrance Day

To celebrate the Holocaust Remembrance Day, The Center of Holocaust and Genocide Education hosted a lecture on nationalism and inclusivity  Photo courtesy of SCSU Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education

Jan. 27 was the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day people remember those who lived and died in the concentration camps during the Holocaust.

The United Nations decided on Jan. 27 to be the International Holocaust Remembrance Day because of its prominence in holocaust history. Dr. Daniel Wildeson, Director of Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education stated the UN decided on that day because it was when Russian troops liberated Auschwitz, one of the biggest concentration camps during the holocaust.

Remembrance of these events are different based on the community celebrating it.

“The Jewish community has their own day later in April called Yom HaShoah,” Wildeson said. “During their remembrance ceremony at synagogues they say names of people lost at the camps.”

Since 2011 the Scott and Lynn Bryce Lecture, an event in honor of the founders of the center, has invited guest speakers to come and talk about the holocaust and related topics to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“Lessons of the Holocaust: White Nationalism and the Challenge of Educating for Inclusive Democracy” was the subject of this year’s lecture. Eric K Ward, a nationally recognized speaker on inclusive democracy, was the guest speaker for this year’s lecture. Ward has thirty years of experience in community organization leadership and innovation with the response to white nationalism, antisemitism, and inclusivity. All his experiences and experience showed in his speech. On Feb. 3, Ward spoke about how white nationalism has made it difficult with their views on non-white people to have inclusivity in society.

The lecture is not the only event St. Cloud State is had this week about anti-semitism. Stories of racism and resistance at St. Cloud State University series started on Feb. 5. This event was hosted by Dr. Luke Trip and he presented on the history and stories of racism and resistance at SCSU.

Tripp discussed his experiences of racism and resistance during the event. With his experience as an activist and a professor his stories had range of because of all the experiences he has had. This will be the first of a series of events based on this subject.

The next lecture of the series has not been added to Huskies Connect yet.

“We will be recording, and we will be continuing as long as the stories continue,” said Mary Clifford, organizer of Stories of Racism and Resistance at St. Cloud State. “These will continue as long as they have community members to present and stories to tell.”

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