Holes Hall to be demolished under Comprehensive Plan

St. Cloud State University plans to make good on its Comprehensive Plan this year through renovating and demolishing buildings throughout campus. The first on the chopping block is W.W. Holes Hall, a residence hall that has been unoccupied since the 2013-2014 season.

The nine-story hall dates back to 1965, hosting as many as 365 students at a time, but was shut down due to a decrease in student population and after being voted the “least desirable” hall to live in by students.

Despite the survey, there are still students who look back fondly on their time living there. Nathaniel Koeck lived there during the 2012-2013 school year, and said it felt like he was living in the ’80s when it came to the bathrooms and dorm rooms.

The building itself was sub-par, but the people I met and memories that I made there made the building issues irrelevant most of the time,” Koeck said.

Other students have echoed similar sentiments, but the overall experience was not one that they regret.

Zack Kiser also lived there the last year the residential hall was open and said he was sad to hear the news of it being demolished.

“Since it was home for me at some point, it almost felt like moving away from a childhood home that you can’t go back to,” Kiser said. “It feels to me like the memories and experiences I had in the place would disappear when they tear it down.”

The St. Cloud Alumni Association (SCSC) are working on plans to reach out to previous alumni who were residents of Holes Hall for events before demolition takes place in fall 2016.

Tammy McGee, the VP for finance and administration said, “Once Holes Hall is torn down, the land will be transitioned primarily into passive recreational use. It will be an area on the north side of campus where students are able to relax, socialize and engage in active recreation.”

She also mentioned the possibility of slight modifications to the parking lot configurations in that area of campus in the future.

Beyond the changes with Holes Hall, the Comprehensive Plan has cited long-term projects involving the demolition of Stearns, removal and replacement of Mitchell Hall (with plans to make it into suite-style living), remodeling of Sherburne Hall, renovations to Lawrence Hall and more.

Students can expect a remodel of Garvey Commons, a new health and sciences facility and ice replacement at the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center in five years or so.

Although disappointed about Holes Hall leaving, Kiser said it makes sense after hearing about the university trying to save money on finances.

Kiser said, “I think it’s a good plan. It’s been running for [two] years with no students living there, so it’s just wasting resources.”

If students want to take a look at the total Comprehensive Plan and check out long-term goals, go to http://outlook.stcloudstate.edu/facilities-plan-looks-to-the-future/#sthash.h6HbbVT0.dpuf.


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