Hockey Day Minnesota brings high turnout

On Saturday, Jan. 20 the festivities for the eleventh annual Hockey Day Minnesota were held in St. Cloud to much fanfare as students and community members alike banned together for a common bond.

Crowds occupied the stands most of the day and while it was “Hockey Day,” they all chanted ‘Skol’ in support of the Vikings game in Philadelphia happening the following day.

For the nightcap, the slotted game was the Centennial Cougars facing-off against the Moorhead Spuds, as seats were packed to the brim. However, most people ended up looking at the jumbotron as there were not many seats available.

A lack of seating resulted in people sitting in areas where views were obstructed; showing just how dedicated the fans really were.

Outside the rink was a tiny fair-like village packed with food trucks and vendors where game-goers could buy food and beverages. Toward the end of the night, they gathered around the large bonfires just to stay warm, even in the spring-like temperatures in the afternoon.

A stone’s throw away from the rink and village was Lake George – a spot where many people recreated throughout the weekend. Driving in, the first thing one could see was a couple hundred people hanging out at the rink. Some folks were skating, while other people were running around and simply taking in the atmosphere. The sight of all of this was what Hockey Day Minnesota is all about – bringing people together over the sport they all love.

The yearly tradition, that succeeded elsewhere throughout the state made its mark in St. Cloud. With the turnout, this year’s Hockey Day Minnesota seemed to be a success.

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