Heather Weems releases update on SCSU Athletics

Coach Steve Costanzo (far right) coaching during a wrestling match. Photo credit: Huskies Athletics

Editor’s note: Due to site maintenance, this article was republished on Oct. 7, 2020. This article was originally published on Sept. 17, 2020.

As students get back into the groove of life at St. Cloud State, many questions have risen involving COVID-19. Recently SCSU’s Director of Athletics, Heather Weems, has released an update to keep the Husky family informed with what is happening in Huskies Athletics.

Earlier this year the NSIC announced the cancellation of all sporting events all throughout the conference until Jan. 1. More recently, the NCHC and WCHA has announced the delays to their seasons once again due to the pandemic. No return date has been released as of yet.

With these delays still in effect for all Huskies athletics, Weems released interesting information. To begin the update, it was made clear that gyms, pool, mats, fields are open on campus and that student-athletes at the University must go through new and extensive measures to limit COVID-19 here at SCSU.

Later in the update, Weems spoke about the financial impact that COVID-19 will have not just on Huskies Athletics, but to everyone around the country. The department expects some issues with team travel and operations for all programs during this time, but they will continue to honor salaries of all employed and scholarships that have been awarded. Weems states this is the largest expense as well.

With the loss of ticket sales, corporate sponsors, and camps for most of the year at St. Cloud State, the financial toll is substantial moving forward. On top of those loses, the cost for COVID-19 testing and other measures to keep student-athletes safe can reach $250,000 by their estimates. Weems also states, the personal support financially from alumni, fans, and friends is very important to continue the success of Huskies Athletics.

The update ends with Weems assuring the mental health of all students and student-athletes will be a top priority moving forward with all operations throughout Huskies Athletics.

This all comes in the midst of not just the delays of the NSIC, WCHA, and NCHC, but the University of Minnesota has cut three athletic programs in Men’s Track, Gymnastics, and Tennis. With those by the U of M, these further Weems points of how hard COVID-19 has hit not just for SCSU, but for every collegiate athletic department in the country.

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