Health Fair reaches out to campus community

The SCSU community had the opportunity to learn about health living from numerous vendors and sponsors at a health fair on Wednesday, April  .
The SCSU community had the opportunity to learn about health living from vendors and sponsors at a health fair on Wednesday .

Thirty-five vendors and sponsored set up shop at the Health Fair on Wednesday to educate passers-by about healthy living.

Strolling through Atwood from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., people could stop by one of the many booths set up with displays, including a model of the spinal column that was set up by a chiropractor. Participants could also take part in a variety of games and take handouts like samples of different kind of drinks and accessories.

“You’ll never go empty-handed,” said Maile Vang, community health major, who was helping hand out water and fruit at the registration table.

Vang helped organize the event for a class to help provide information about living a healthy lifestyle to the community. In organizing the event, Vang explained that they brought in vendors of all sorts to cover the multiple areas that go into healthy living.

The featured vendors focused in on different areas of healthy living. Health care providers that set up in Atwood narrowed in on the financial standpoint, whereas others took to the physical platform of staying healthy, such as dieting and excersizing.

Vang said that bringing a health care provider to campus could help student athletes understand the importance of being covered in the event they get injured.

“We’re trying to get students more involved in their health,” Vang said. “We’re constantly reminding them that their health is important.”

People going through the Health Fair were handed a “passport.” After stopping by 15 different booths, they could then take the passport back to the registration table to get entered in a drawing for prizes like gift cards, a group fitness membership or T-shirts.

Mechanical engineering major Mohammed Alnassar said there is a “lack of information” on staying healthy, and that the fair was helpful to students. Waiting his turn, Alnassar said he wanted to ask the chiropractor there about the pain he’s experiencing.

“I’m having migraines, and the reason why is the structure of my spine,” he said.

“My performance will change according to my body,” he said. Having these vendors on campus made getting the information a bit more “reachable,” he said.

With people stopping from booth to booth, Atwood bustled with conversations surrounding healthy living.

“We’re here to target a healthier lifestyle,” Vang said.


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