The Upper Mississippi Harvest magazine of SCSU: More than just words

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St. Cloud State University students working through the English department publish a literary and arts magazine every spring—The Upper Mississippi Harvest.

The organization, often referred to as The Harvest, is supervised by English professor Shannon Olson and run by students who publish creative work submitted by other students.

The Harvest takes submissions from SCSU students in the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama (monologues, short script excerpts, graphic novels), and media (art and comics).

Leanne Loy and Ben Reigstad have been the head editors of The Harvest for two years and each have one or two pieces published in previous editions of The Upper Mississippi Harvest.

“I love anything to do with literature, editing, and publishing,” said Loy in regards to being co-head editor. “My future goal is to open my own publishing house here in St. Cloud.”  

Loy was asked to be co-head editor after Professor Olson saw her work in The Harvest last year. She disclosed that it’s a challenging position, but she is honored and happy to be working with a great team of people that have helped make the process easier.

Reigstad said that he was recommended to Professor Olson by two colleagues who enjoyed his work.

“I guess they praised me up enough for me to get this position. I am grateful for their support and to have the help of an absolutely fantastic group of student editors who are dedicated to making this the best magazine it can be,” Reigstad said.

Reigstad also admitted that being co-head editor has helped him gain experience editing and publishing but he would prefer following a different route after school.

“Editing and publishing could be a possibility after school; however, I would love to be on the other end writing fiction for publishers and editors,” Reigstad said.

The other editors are responsible for reading and editing the submissions, participating in fundraising events, and preparing for The Upper Mississippi Harvest release party in the spring.

A student editor of the magazine, Julie Montag, said she loves being with a group of people who have a passion for helping others achieve their goals.

“The most beneficial thing I’ve gotten from being in The Harvest is the ability to look at creative work and see the potential it holds,” Montag said.

Students in The Harvest can submit their own writing for publication, but they cannot submit anything to the genre they will be editing. Since all submissions are anonymous, there are no biased opinions when someone from the group or University submits.

Anyone who is looking for more information on submitting creative work to The Upper Mississippi Harvest or becoming a part of the editing team can contact the head editors at or Professor Olson at All work must be submitted by Nov. 7 for a chance at having it published in edition 26 of the magazine.