Hard to say goodbye

Nate Meyer, a humble quarterback at St. Cloud State University, is in his final season in a black, white, and red jersey.

Meyer, a senior at SCSU, is just like any other resident of Minnesota cheering for the Minnesota Vikings and having high expectations.

“I hope they go to the Super Bowl. It looks good. The way they played against the Panthers, the defense looks good,” Meyer said.

The Huskies have started this year’s season 1-3 despite high expectations on his shoulders from his superb play last season.

“Watching film, meeting before practice in the media room, and talking with coaches to make sure we are all on the same page,” these were a few of the ways Meyer mentioned preparing mentally and physically for games.

This preparation can be seen in his production on the field. With statistics last season ranging from 2,851 passing yards, 22 touchdowns and an average completion rate of 59 percent, you could label Meyer a gunslinger. His throwing power and accuracy is undeniable.

As far as Meyer’s personal goals for the season, don’t expect any confusion on what he desires most.

“I wanna win games. Doesn’t matter if I hand the ball off 60 times a game as long as we walk off the field with a win,” Meyer stated, “Leading the offense for sure, as well as the whole team is a big part. If I don’t play well it will be tough for us to win games. Trying to get better and better each week and lead these guys in the right direction.”

With a leader like that in your locker room, you have to know things will eventually turn around for your team. Especially for someone like Meyer who takes full responsibility for his part in the team’s recent struggles.

“Definitely some things I can do better. A lot of areas to improve on which is what we are out here every day working on. Hopefully, we can apply these things on Saturdays from here on out,” Meyer stated.

This season will stand as Meyer’s last. We know he will go out as he came in, a competitor who enjoys the game of football.

“Being in the locker room with all the guys, hopping on the bus taking six hour long trips. Those guys make it a good time I will definitely miss being in the locker room with them. Also competing as well,” these were things Meyer said he will certainly miss about Husky football.

As far as plans for football after college, Meyer has other things to focus on right now.

“Just taking it one day at a time right now, focusing on what we are doing right now,” Meyer said, proving he will always go out with a team first mentality.

A leader, gunslinger, and a competitor is how we may describe Nate Meyer. SCSU will certainly miss you.  


Photo by Maddie MacFarlane 

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