Happy Birthday, or Happy Death Day?

Friday the 13th, a great day to go watch some scary, and some not as scary, movies. This Friday the 13th, the movie Happy Death Day came out and since I had seen so many commercials about it and had nothing better to do with my day after classes, I went to go see it.

Walking into the movie theater, I didn’t have that high of expectations for it. I figured it would either be an amazing or a terrible movie, but I wasn’t completely sure which it would be. When I walked out of the movie theater, I realized the movie wasn’t amazing or terrible, but instead had both amazing and terrible aspects to it. It wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but I have also seen better movies as well.

The first birthday of the movie, I decided this movie wasn’t going to be that good of a movie. It was the classic, a popular girl wakes up in a “loser” boy’s bed and, as she is grabbing all of her things, tells him never to talk to her again, and then finally leaves.

Obviously, she has to forget something since it’s a pretty common plot, so the boy has to go up to her at lunch, with all her friends watching, so he can give it back, and spills all his food when he trips. After all the events of the day, the main character goes to a surprise party that her friends throw her for her, and that’s when the film finally gets to the creepier parts of the story.

This movie got super repetitive after the initial birth date since it’s the same day repeatedly, but they changed the day up just enough that it wasn’t boring to watch. The day continues to repeat since she must figure out who the murderer is before she can continue to the next day, but it changes a little more every day. Whether it changes with her saying other people’s lines, or if it’s a different way her killer kills her that certain day, it has enough change to keep the audience on their toes.

In the end, when she finally figures out who the killer is, nobody really suspects that person, until she puts together the pieces and finally starts to explain a bit more in-depth to the killer how she figured it out.

This movie is one of those films that even if you think it’s going to be very stupid, in some senses it’s more stupid, but in other senses, it’s one of the best movies out there. I personally don’t believe this movie should be the number one movie in America, but it’s also not a terrible movie, so I can live with it.

If you have any teenagers sitting around at home and want to have a family movie night, or are an adult and want to go see a thriller/mystery movie, this is the movie for you to go see!

Happy Death Day is an interesting movie and, even though it is cliché, it is still worth going to watch if you are into mysteries and want to have a fun night out with friends.


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