Guillermo del Toro gets spooky with ‘At Home With Monsters’ exhibit at Mia

Guillermo del Toro’s, “At Home With Monsters” exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (Mia) was more than a traditional art exhibit with only one theme and one focus. And it was more than just monsters. It invoked the inspiration and beauty behind peculiar, quirky and horrific characters.

“Where does creativity come from?” Was the goal behind the exhibition, Kayin Feldman, President of Mia and the spark behind this carefully curated exhibit said.

From a purely visual perspective, the “At Home With Monsters” exhibit is a collaboration of del Toro’s immense collection of art, movie props, books, artifacts, comics and sculptures from Bleak House – his two-story “man cave” in Los Angeles that houses over 10,000 items, collected over his entire lifetime.

Looking in further, the exhibit is really a collection of influence and vision that del Toro has had throughout his life. He worked closely with Mia to curate the exhibit, and every single piece he brought over or chose from the Mia archives reflects something deep inside himself that he felt connected to. From film props to life-sized sculptures and wax figures – to horror-esque oil paintings to his idea books from his films, filled with sketches and drawings – there is more than you could dream of, and it would take hours to go through and look at every little detail.

The exhibit is created with different gallery rooms to follow in order – with each gallery housing a large poster explaining the ideas behind the room’s specific theme, starting at Birth and ending with Death. With del Toro growing up in Mexico, each poster is written in both English and Spanish, which is the perfect inclusive addition to the exhibit. Throughout the galleries, you learn that del Toro creates his monsters to exude kindness a lot of the time, whereas the humans in his stories tend to be the real, “monsters”.

The Guillermo del Toro, “At Home With Monsters” exhibit will be on display at Mia in Minneapolis until May 28. Tickets are $16 for Mia members and $20 for non-members and the exhibit has been given an R-rating as a caution for those interested in bringing children.

The exhibition was organized by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Art Gallery of Ontario.


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