Have yourself a furry little Christmas

If you’ve never considered adopting a pet before, a quick trip to the St. Cloud Tri-County Humane Society might change your mind. With so many furry friends looking for a home it’s hard to not want to take one home. With the holidays fast approaching, these pets might just be the perfect gift.

It’s not something you can wrap up and put under the tree but it could be the best gift your loved one receives this holiday season. Tri-County Humane Society marketing coordinator Kayla Koscielniak said that seeing an influx of adoptions and interest in adoptions is fairly common this time of year.

“[An adoption] usually works out really well. We do see an increased amount of adoptions this time of year because people do like to see pets go home for the holidays,” Koscielniak said.

Despite all the excitement that surrounds the adoption of an animal, volunteer and humane education coordinator Kate Compass said those considering adoption should make sure they are ready for the responsibility. If the pet is going to be a gift to someone, you should take extra care in making the decision and make sure the person receiving the gift is ready to care for an animal.

“We always recommend that you tell the person first that ‘hey you’re getting this,’ unless you’re positive they’re going to want it… it’s a living thing you’re going to have to take care of for the rest of its life, but we see a lot of happy endings come out of December,” Compass said.

The adoption process moves quickly and can be completed in around a week, Compass said. Other than adding a cute, new member to the family, there are many good things that come out of adopting.

“Everything we have here can be a wonderful companion. There’s been numerous studies that show the health benefits, that they lower your blood pressure…dogs can help people lose weight,” Compass said.

No matter how many benefits these animals have to offer, taking care of an animal is still a major responsibility and, if after careful deliberation, you decide now might not be the right time, no worries. There are still plenty of ways you can be involved in these animals’ lives.

You can sign up to be one of the hundreds of volunteers that help out at the St. Cloud Tri-County Humane Society, or you can always foster pets. Koscielniak said fostering is a great option for those not quite ready for adoption.

“Sometimes for people on the fence we recommend foster care. They can see if their home is ready for a pet because sometimes you’re not and foster care is a great short-term solution to get some animal love,” Koscielniak said.

For those wanting to help out around the holidays, the St. Cloud Tri-County Humane Society is holding a gift-wrapping fundraiser; all proceeds going to the shelter. The Tri-County Humane Society has held the event for several years now at the Crossroads Center right outside the entrance to Target. The event will start Dec. 9 and go through Dec. 24. You can sign up to volunteer on their website.

If you’re looking for a little extra convincing on adopting one of these pets, Koscielniak said it is best to just take the chance.

“You just have to go for it. Your life will be better for it,” Koscielniak said.

For more information about volunteering and/or adoption, you can visit their website at http://tricountyhumanesociety.org/ or call them at 320-252-0896.


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