Friend reflects on Tom Bearson’s passing

It was just three years ago this month Tom Bearson disappeared one Saturday night at North Dakota State University. For his friends and family, the wound still feels fresh as the longing for his presence continues. His death was ruled as a homicide and many are still looking for answers, but the investigation is a ghost in the closet, with many being kept in the dark.

He was a friend, an athlete, and a son.

As for now, Tom’s loved ones reflect on their time with him, remembering his friendliness and good spirits.

SCSU student TJ Beavans was one of Tom’s best friends and while he may be gone, he reminisces about all the qualities that Tom had.

“He was charismatic, outgoing, he was really outspoken, opinionated, but you know just all around a good person,” Beavans said.

He also said there’s not a moment where he doesn’t miss him.

“I miss his humor, you know. He could make anyone laugh in any situation if you’re feeling down or anything he would brighten your day. He had that effect on everyone, even if you didn’t know him,” Bevans said.

And TJ mentions he’s not the only one who misses him.

“Everyone still cares about him so much, I don’t think anyone realized how big of an effect he had on the community of Sartell, his family, and his friends,” he said.

“Everyone loves and misses him and it still stings not to have found out, but we remain hopeful and confident that the detectives will find out who did this and justice will be served.”

A foundation was set up in Tom’s name to keep his presence alive. The Tom Bearson Foundation advocates for personal responsibility amongst high school students and funding for different sports programs.

If you would like to donate, click on the link down below:

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