The former SCSU student behind the terroristic threats

“When I first met him he went by Adele…he was the first person I met at St. Cloud State,” said Bre Saunders, a Senior at SCSU.

Abdalle Ege was arrested Wednesday morning, April 11, after making threats involving a bomb and referencing St. Cloud City Hall, according to a press release from the St. Cloud Police Department (SCPD).

Ege, who attended St. Cloud State University (SCSU) in fall of 2015 and fall of 2017, posted on Facebook Wednesday morning, “Im bouta bomb this town,” and “I have a bag somewhere in city hall saint cloud.”

Saunders came to St. Cloud State for the 2015-2016 school year as a transfer student. She lived in Case-Hill Hall, a coed dormitory where she met a fellow transfer student, Ege.

“We were super close when we lived in the dorms. I have countless videos and pictures of being with him and hanging out with him. Making pizza at 1 am or having dance parties,” Saunders said.

According to the SCPD press release, officers were notified of Ege’s threats via social media and responded to St. Cloud City Hall where they found a bag belonging to Ege but did not find any explosives.

Saunders was sitting outside the LGBT resource center working on a school project the morning of the incident. She then saw Ege getting water at a refreshment table.

“He got water and I was just looking at him, like what is he doing [here]. We made brief eye contact and he just walked away and I watched him walk in there [Cultural Center] and I never saw him again,” Saunders said.

This took place at approximately 9:56 a.m. according to a message Saunders sent Ege immediately after seeing him. It was the first time she saw him since August of last year.

Photo taken August 2017, courtesy of Saunders

Officers later arrested Ege at Atwood Hall on the SCSU campus without incident, according to the press release.

A St. Cloud Public Safety official said the FBI was going to talk to Ege about an unrelated matter prior to the Facebook posts, in which Ege tagged the FBI in.

A spokesperson for the FBI said they could not speak on the matter but did confirm the SCPD press release that said the SCPD and the FBI are working together regarding this incident.

According to Ege’s LinkedIn page, he graduated from SCSU in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Business Economics. SCSU confirmed that he did not graduate, and only attended two semesters. Under ‘Accomplishments’ it says that Ege received a Global Leadership Award from SCSU in 2016.

Ege’s LinkedIn page also says that he graduated from Normandale Community College in 2015 with an Associate of Arts degree. The St. Cloud Times reported in their archives that he graduated with honors from Normandale Community College.

It is also listed that he worked as a Public Safety Dispatcher in 2014 at Normandale Community College and as a Security Officer at Guardsmark Security in 2015.

“Just utter shock and confusion was definitely what I felt when I found out that he was the guy,” Saunders said.

Chase McNamara, Mark Wasson, and Jessie Wade contributed to this report. 






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