Fork in the road for US women’s hockey

The United States women’s hockey team is at a bit of a crossroads. Many of the players don’t want to play for the team anymore due to unequal pay in comparison to the men’s national team.

USA hockey recently sent out a memo regarding the team’s issues and a statement from the executive director of USA hockey, Dave Ogrean. Ogrean had the following to say about the state of the team,

“We remain committed to having the players that were selected to represent the U.S. in the upcoming women’s world championship to be the players that are on the ice when the tournament begins.”

The women’s hockey team indicated the state of the team is the reason for their contempt.

The players want to be fairly compensated for their play in the world tournament, including performance bonuses, per-game payments, travel for guests to games, roster bonuses and other benefits including travel and meal expenses.

USA hockey does not seem inclined to go even halfway to what the players are demanding.

For example, during an Olympic year, the women want about $210,000 dollars per player if the team achieves the silver medal and $237,000 dollars should the team win the gold medal. In non-Olympic years, the players are seeking $146,000 per player for silver and $149,000 dollars for gold.

According to the memo, talks are still ongoing between USA hockey and the player’s representatives in attempts to resolve the matter and have the players initially selected for the team step onto the ice representing team USA.

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