‘The Filharmonic’ harmonizes on campus

The popular a cappella singing group The Filharmonic preformed live in the Atwood Ballroom this Wednesday. The concert was sponsored by U.B.P. and featured a large student turnout, due to the group’s growing popularity.

The Filharmonic’s website summed up their genre of music by stating, “Their melodic style exemplifies an urbanesque hip hop sound with 90’s nostalgia.”

The groups website also gave some details on the musical groups background saying that they were featured on NBC’s musical competition show, ‘The Sing Off’ where they made it to the semi-finals. They later went on to tour with groups like Linkin Park, The Black Eyed Peas and Pentatonix in the “Sing Off” National Tour.

According to their website, they were also featured in the musical movie “Pitch Perfect 2.”

Their performance at SCSU featured a cappella covers from popular artists such as Maroon 5, Justin Beiber as well and covers from popular 80’s and 90’s hits too. The energy level of the show was high as the audience was very interactive, clapping and singing a long with the music.

“The show was really good, the harmonizing was on point and it’s awesome they were on “Pitch Perfect 2″; that makes it even better,” added Johnnathan Son, an SCSU student who attended the concert.

Their set even featured a beat-boxing battle between the groups only beat boxer, Niko Del Rey, and several other members of his band where Niko schooled them on how to make complex beat patterns using nothing but his mouth.

According to the University Program Board (UBP) a cappella music is currently in high demand at SCSU.

“Through surveys we found out that students wanted an a cappella group to come and we choose The Filharmonic,” said Casey Loken, Live Entertainment Coordinator for UBP when commenting on the Filharmonic’s demand.

“We were lucky they’re doing a college tour right now because they are such a great group to work with,” Loken added.

“They were just on “Pitch Perfect 2″, which definitely resonates with the crowd because it’s been so recent, and a cappella is taking over recently so there has been a huge demand for a cappella,” Loken said in regards to the popularity of a cappella at SCSU.

After the show, members of the band posed for pictures and just hung out with students for a little bit. They were able to comment on how things have been going for them recently.

“I feel like it went really well. We love the audience; they had so much energy it was great,” V.J. Rosales stated, when reflecting on how the night’s performance went.

They also commented on how their first ever college tour was going.

“We are almost halfway through our tour and it’s going really well and we’re really excited,” said Niko Del Rey.

With the rise of new musical genres, a cappella has definitely caught on with university students and seems to be gaining popularity in general. From watching the performance that The Filharmonic put on, the chance they will come back to SCSU seems pretty high.

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