Fantasy Football: First quarter review

The first quarter of the NFL season is now in the books. We have seen some crazy performances from players on the young season, while others have been bitten by the injury bug.

During week four of the season we were treated to one of the most spectacular performances you will see in your life between the dynamic duo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Ryan threw for over 500 yards while 300 of those yards went to wide receiver Jones.

Larry Fitzgerald has found the fountain of youth in the desert of Arizona as the 33 year old veteran continues to make his mark in the NFL. The injury bug has hit some of the biggest names in the NFL in Adrian Peterson, Dez Bryant, Doug Martin and Eric Decker.

For fantasy football owners, it is time to reflect on what they could have done differently to avoid the dreadful 0-5, 1-4 or 2-3 starts in their leagues. While other owners bask in glory on a great team they have as they sit at the top of their division with a 5-0 or 4-1 record.

With the first quarter of the season completed for fantasy football, it is time to take a look at the players who are at the top of their position, the rookies who have made their impact on the young season and the comeback player of the year in fantasy football.

The top scoring quarterback after five weeks of play is Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan is posting a 12 touchdown and only two interceptions on the season. He has scored more than 20 points in three games which include a 35 point performance where he threw for four touchdowns and over 500 yards. His schedule is favorable for him to continue being the best quarterback in fantasy football especially with the weapons like Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman.  

The top scoring running back after five weeks of play is David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals. The second year running back has scored five touchdowns through the first five weeks, which include two games where he scored multiple touchdowns. Johnson has scored double digit points in all five games with his lowest total of 10 points and his highest total of 29 points. He has made history being the first running back to total 100 yards from the line of scrimmage through the first five weeks of a NFL season. Johnson is a dual-threat running back who looks to be a major part of the Cardinals offense for the rest of the season.

The top scoring wide receiver after five weeks of play is Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown was the first player drafted in many fantasy football leagues and has lived up to that status of the number one overall pick on the young season. He has scored five touchdowns and has two games with over 100 yards receiving. Brown continues to be the best wide receiver in the NFL and will be a threat for the rest of the season in the high scoring offense of the Steelers.

The top scoring tight end after five weeks of play is Greg Olson of the Carolina Panthers. Olson is putting together another strong season for fantasy owners as he has two games where he has over 100 yards receiving, including a 181 yard game in week five with a backup quarterback, Derek Anderson. He has scored two touchdowns in five weeks and looks to be a threat for the Panthers passing game.

The comeback player for fantasy football in the first five weeks of the season is DeMarco Murray of the Tennessee Titans. Murray was a bust last year who struggled in the Chip Kelly’s offense for the Eagles, but DeMarco has found new life in the Titans offense. Murray is tied for the second most points in fantasy football for running backs. Murray has three touchdowns and two games with 100 or more yards rushing on the year. The lowest total of points he has scored is 13 points. He is a big part of the Titans offense and looks to continue to play well for the rest of the season.

Rookies are always a tough thing to judge for fantasy football owners, as you are not sure what to expect from them. This year we have seen three rookies making impacts on their NFL teams and on fantasy football teams. The top three rookies this season is quarterback Dak Prescott (Cowboys), quarterback Carson Wentz (Eagles) and running back Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys)

Prescott and Wentz sit in the top 20 for scoring for quarterbacks this year but the more spectacular stat is the zero interceptions from Prescott and the One from Wentz. Both are playing the toughest position in the NFL but have looked more like veterans than rookies this season. As the season goes on, both quarterbacks are very solid backups for fantasy owners and tremendous players to plug into your lineup when your number one quarterback is on a bye week or injured. Prescott is currently ranked seventh in scoring while Wentz is ranked 17.

Ezekiel Elliott has lived up to all of his hype coming out of college. The rookie was taken late first round or early second round and has not disappointed his owners. Elliot is tied for second for the most points by running backs this season in fantasy football. He has scored five touchdowns on the young season which includes a multiple touchdown game. The rookie also has three games with 100 or more rushing yards. Elliot is running behind one of the offense of lines in the NFL and should be a big part of the Cowboys’ offense for the rest of the season.


*All stats are from ESPN. Rankings are figured for standard league scoring.

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