Fall In Love with Fashion

Photo by Salice Collins.
Photo by Salice Collins.

Fall has come fast, but it is here. During this fall climate, it is important to stay warm, but who said you can’t be cute while doing it? This year’s fall fashion trends can take on any form and occasion, but it’s up to you.

What are the latest fall trends?

For women’s fall gear, leg warmers and boots are the perfect fall combo. Following with the oversized sweaters and eight figured scarves, which are very fashionable but also warm. Jackets, sweaters and hats are also important, especially for cold fall winds. Watch out for the low weather by layering with knits that would keep you warm and comfortable, maintaining the autumn aura.

“Lots of layers are fun to play with, especially for the cold weather, the layers are good for keeping me warm,” said St. Cloud State student Hope Toussett.

For guys, a wool coat, a couple of sweaters and a pair of boots are important fall pieces. Plaids, tan and dark solid colors are popular for men this fall.

When it comes to the fall season overall, orange, green and brown are the perfect go-to fall colors.

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