Education as a tool to empower people

Have you ever thought of why you are in college? Why you have to write that 50-page paper with the deadline in two weeks? Or that 200-page paper in one week? Why you have to suffer sleepless nights to study for an exam? Why you have to work so hard in school and maintain three jobs at the same time without feeling the need to break down or why you have to stay in that class of physics when you are an accounting major? It can be confusing. The thought of having three jobs, an internship, lead an organization and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have a friend who is an accounting major and she has to take chemistry, physics, literature, french, and many more subjects that have nothing to do with accounting. She felt like she just needed accounting classes and that was all. I agree that it is important to take classes relevant to your major but I know for a fact that it is important to also be a well-rounded person, and the only way to do that is to experience varieties of subjects.

So before you skip the next class because it has nothing to do with your major, look at it that you can learn a thing or two from it. It will be useful in the future. The major reason is that you are paying for it and you should not waste your money. It is important to learn as much as you can in college because it is important to use the education to get the career you want.

Education is a privilege that everyone should receive, but not everyone has access to it for reasons including lack of money or societal laws. There are many reasons why some people cannot get educated and those who are educated should be grateful for that opportunity.

“The aim of our life is to give our best to whatever we do, whether school or career. Giving our hundred percent is how we fulfil our purpose on earth.” – Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi

It is hard to balance life, work and school. As hard as it is, it is an opportunity to make the best life for yourself. It is hard and no one said life was meant to be easy, but it is meant to be lived and we are meant to conquer our worst fears and just live.

Classes are hard and exams are tough, but the end goal is the degree and it makes a difference to have it on your resume when you graduate. It may be stressful now, but look at the long term when you graduate and get the degree.

So college students, go out there and be successful. Do your best and never give up no matter how tough the challenges are. Life is full of ups and downs but the only constant thing is that you should never give up.

To work and work and still go to school and still do other things and have time to rest is not easy, but the sacrifice is worth it. It is definitely hard when you preparing for an exam and you forget all you read but there is always a second chance in life. Always try again.

“Everyone deserves a second chance in life, that is why I commend adult learners so much for using their second chance. I believe we should all be given a second chance at anything in life, it is never too late to begin again.” – Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi

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Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi

Oluwatobi is a college student trying to make things work. She loves writing and listening to music. You can always see her with a pen trying to jot down notes. Oluwatobi loves to learn and meet new people.

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