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Journalism and the industry around it have changed. We as a society have become more and more dependent on technology that will get us the news we want, faster and more personally than ever before. Does that mean that journalism itself is changing? I can truthfully say that here at the Chronicle, the basic principles of standards essential to journalism have not changed in the slightest.

As I write this send-off, I recollect all of the great times I’ve experienced with so many exceptional human beings. Everything that I have learned about the 4th estate comes from the people that I have worked with here at the University Chronicle. The previous editor in chiefs helped to sculpt how I thought as a journalist and ultimately my attitude towards overseeing this incredible institution of journalistic endeavors. This industry has come to a cross roads, a challenge in which we may decide to roll with the tide of change or fight against the current. This overwhelming feeling of change can be frightening and frustrating to some, however, the way we as a society decide to go about it will affect our progression as people whether we agree or oppose.

Whatever the not so distant and certain future holds for us, I plead for all to hang onto presence and importance of facts. Our information is coming from all different platforms from every corner of the world, however, the basics of the way we tell stories and convey information should not be tampered with. Factual information will progress our society in a positive way, excelling future generations to come. There is nothing alternative about it. With this being stated, I have the utmost confidence and respect for our incoming Editor in Chief. She has the experience and vigor to continue the standard factual importance that has been presented to me in the past.

It was an honor to serve in this position and to be part of an organization that has focused so heavily on the perseverance of correct information. The lessons that I have learned, in all the positions I have held within this organization have progressed me as a person. I will be forever indebted towards this institution, but more so to the people who made the University Chronicle what it is today.

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