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I was excited more than most when I heard a Denny’s restaurant was going to take up space in Atwood. I loved the restaurant as a kid, and as I grew older it was practically the only option reliably open past midnight. Having been soured by the food quality and prices of the Perkin’s restaurant downtown, and being a business student, the prospect of competition warmed me up to checking out The Den. On Oct. 20, The Den opened its gates to a large crowd of hungry students eager to try their food, and I was among them.

2016-10-21-10-58-34The first thing I was greeted by was the curious décor of the restaurant. On one wall, we had a high quality picture of giant toy T-Rex, and on another wall we had a picture of an equally respectable robot. Letter-shaped lamps hung from the center of the room, spelling out ‘HUSKIES,’ and warm colors were spread throughout the restaurant. It was nice to look at and very pleasing on the eyes. It allowed me to zone out while I waited for the line to slowly move forward for my turn. I can’t really blame the staff for this, as they’re just starting out, and the inevitable opening rush was going to slam them hard.

I got to the front of the line and placed my order. Of all of the things I wanted from the new Atwood food options, I wanted breakfast the most. I wasn’t content with a breakfast bagel; I wanted pancakes. I got what I wanted, the classic Grand Slam plus a chocolate shake. It may be unorthodox for a breakfast, but it was worth it. The shake was great and went down in the satisfying way only a milkshake can.

Respect The RobotThe pancakes were deceptive with their size. They appear small from a distance, but when you sit down with them, you see their true size. One pancake filled me up after I devoured the eggs and bacon, and there was still one left. For the small rounded price of six dollars, a Grand Slam gets you a meal and leftovers for later. It is quite a deal. As for their lunch and dinner options, The Den serves burgers, tacos, chicken and more. Their full menu can be found on their website, www.thedenbydennys.com, for anyone who is curious.

My experience with The Den isn’t without some negative considerations. If you had a favorite meal from Denny’s, the odds are unlikely that it migrated to this menu as well. This comes from the need for efficiency, as The Den is not a restaurant you will be waited on. It’s closer to a fast food ordering system, albeit only in similarity. You will have to wait, and that may not work for some people with busy schedules. What other sacrifices, if any, that came with the desire for efficiency will only be discovered in time. Until then, go get some breakfast in The Den. Unless you’re allergic, you won’t regret it.

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Cody Poirier is an Entrepreneurship major, and is the Lifestyle section editor, business manager and a critic for the University Chronicle. He wastes his time so you don't have to.

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