Decades drag show rocks Atwood

Campus organization OUTLOUD! Along with the LGBT Resource Center put on a Decades of Drag Show on Thursday, April 7 in the Atwood Ballroom.  

The event was a fundraiser for the organization that showcased some excellent talent in both lip syncing and dance techniques by local drag queens and SCSU students.  

Organization leaders decided to up the ante from past shows by making this event more adult-themed to attract a larger audience. SCSU students with ID had free admission. All others were charged $5 admission at the door. Free glow sticks were handed out among the crowd.

Hosted by St. Cloud’s own Fusion Cabaret Show, drag queens Carmen Love and Dexter Maine-Love issued a fair warning at the beginning of the show that it was mainly for mature audiences and no discrimination would be tolerated throughout the show.  

They also suggested that any audience members questioning sexuality or gender orientation go to the LGBT Resource Center on campus for guidance or support.  

When asked why he enjoys being part of the show, Drag Show Coordinator and performer Javier Cruz said, “I love doing drag because I get the opportunity to do something I never would have the confidence to do. Drag gives me a confidence that I don’t have in my everyday life.” Cruz performed near the end of the show to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.”

Audience members were treated with songs from the 90’s—today with a reminder that this was a fundraiser so they were allowed to approach the stage when they saw an appealing act and give them money. Many audience members obliged them, gathering near the heels of their favorites to tuck in a bill or two.   

Love explained that looking this good was expensive and, “everybody loves money, honey.”  The hosts also introduced two stage hands, whom they jokingly dubbed “Ham and Cheese,” that would appear between each act and clear the stage.  

Kicking off the show was Disney’s, “Hakuna Matata,” performed by Max Mitchell, Dan Drogynous, and Robbin Hearts.  

This was followed by 20 other sensual and sometimes hilarious acts including such crowd pleasers as the tantalizing, victorious lip-syncing “If I Were a Boy” and a sexy Carlos Las Vegas’, “Break a Sweat” that really got the audience engaged. 

There were a few emotional numbers as well, including Robbin Heart’s number, “Beautiful Soul” and Peter Pansexual performing to “Heartless”.  Applause heightened when a crowd favorite and Ophilea Swagg flaunted her stuff to a hysterical rendition of the song, “Ain’t no Other Man,” by Christina Aguilera.

Another highlight of the evening was when stage hands, “Ham and Cheese” asked for audience participation.  

A wide array of audience members were eager to join them on stage for some group dancing which included portions of The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide, The Macarena, and the Cha Cha Slide.  

Allowing audience members to strut their stuff seemed to really bolster enthusiasm as the last few acts took the stage, including a new queen who had never taken the stage before performing an enticing number to, “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez. Several fans showed support to the new-comer by flinging bills on stage and lining up in hopes of a quick smooch.

At the end of the night, hosts Love and Maine-Love recommended that all attendees participate in a verbal exercise by contacting Senator Jim Knoblach and showing opposition to the bill being reinstated by Republicans in the Minnesota Senate to alter what bathrooms transgender people are allowed to use.   Urging the audience to stand up for their friends in the LGBT community, Dexter Maine-Love stated, “Don’t ever let somebody make you feel like shit about yourself, ever!”  

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