Creationism lecture encourages a different perspective

A different scientific perspective was brought to the campus of SCSU Friday evening, Nov. 20, with the presentation of ‘Evolution vs. Science.’ The event was put on by the Northland Bible Baptist Church, featuring keynote speaker Brian Lauer. The point of the presentation was to discuss faith and interpretation vs. fact and experimentation.


“Creation is God’s word whereas evolution is man’s imagination,” Lauer said.

Many hear the word evolution and conclude that it’s paired with science. Lauer spent most of the presentation discussing evolution and what he believes are holes in the theory. Some of Lauer’s arguments against evolution were from the research of Carl Werner, author of “Living Fossils and Evolution the Grand Experiment.”

Werner heavily researched evolution by looking into fossil records, museums and speaking with geologists and scientists around the globe. He concluded that there was no variance in the fossils between modern and ancient animals; the only differences he found were the Latin words used to identify them, their genus and species. Astounded, he began to ponder whether evolution was an illusion based on what the scientists named the animals.

Lauer also referenced Colin Peterson, who runs the British Museum of Natural History, as another source. Peterson believed there were no fossils in existence of which one could make an airtight assumption that they were transitional.

Lauer stated the lack of evidence of transitional fossils was an example of a hole in the theory of evolution. The presentation continued by further discussing holes in evolution and the Big Bang theory. He described evolution as being a belief system, not science. Science, according to Lauer, is a tool one can use to solidify their faith. He stated creationists believe that God made man, and evolutionists believe man evolved from other organisms over time.

Examples of the “holes” he found in the theories of evolution and the Big Bang theory included questions of how life begins if proteins do not form naturally, which is the foundation for life, how something can come from nothing, how something that is not alive becomes alive, and how that one little thing becomes everything else.

Another point made about evolution in humans is that we have gained a lot of ground in technology as far as what we are capable of today. Lauer said that evolution was not a factor in human’s improvements, and that we have naturally developed our thinking over time.

“Science brings man nearer to God, and that thought shouldn’t bother the evolutionists at all, because to them, God doesn’t exist,” he . “Evolution hinders science because it is censoring opposing ideas it is not going where the evidence leads.”

After that, he ceded the floor to Pastor Cucuzza who provided a brief speech regarding faith and the power of God. After that, a short question and answer session followed.

One audience member questioned how events in history, such as Hitler’s attempted genocide of the Jews, were possible as he considered himself to be a man of God.

Lauer said that Hitler believed he was following the word of God, helping evolution along by getting rid of the “weaker” people. The churches, Catholic and Protestant in Germany, taught theistic evolution, so the people committing the acts did not realize what they were doing was wrong.

Vivian Kellen, a community member who attended to event said, “My opinion about the material in his presentation is that evolution has a lot of missing links. Where are all those missing fossils in the fossil record? Why are there so many fossils and animals that are the same, yet the scientists give them different names? The questions proposed, and the opinions Mr. Lauer stated, have really helped solidify my beliefs, which are in the bible.”

Kellen also said, “A quote from Mr. Lauer that really impacted me was: ‘Let us think, and go were the evidence leads us.’ I believe that true science does bring men closer to God.”

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