Convocation Student Performance

The St. Cloud State Department of Music held a student performance in the Performing Arts Center Recital Hall at 12 p.m. on April 20, 2018. This concert was part of their Convocation concert series. The performance was almost completely a flute performance, after violaist Matt Dehnbostel performed his three pieces.

This concert was different than any other concert I have ever been to. There was basically no talking between songs, and the only talking that did occur was very quiet whispers between musicians, which happened once or twice. Not hearing talking was nice, and helped the concert end a bit early, but also was a bit weird since all you heard was the music and then the musicians setting up for the pieces.

The concert started with Matt Dehnbostel playing three pieces on the viola with Marion Judish on the piano. Dehnbostel and Judish did an amazing job on letting the music speak for itself, and the emotions he wanted to convey. Matt played Concerto in C-minor for Viola with three pieces, Allegro molto ma maestoso, adagio molto expressive, and allegro molto energico. The way he played all the songs with so much emotion, yet without changing the expression on his face much was very interesting to watch.

Usually musicians will change their facials a little bit while performing, but he had about the same expression almost his entire performance, even with having three completely different levels of emotion in all the different pieces. After Matt finished his performance, the flute studio started. The flute studio included one solo performance, two performances by a group of seven flutists, and then ended with the SCSU Flute Quartet performing a piece. The solo performance was done by Paige Jutz, and she performed Andante Teneramente.

Jutz, just like Dehnbostel, did a great job on expressing the emotions in the piece, and really helped show what to expect from all the flute performances throughout the concert. The seven-person group, which included Ally Haas, Paige Jutz, Melissa Krause, Carina Schnieder, Kloe Pettit-Sperling, Alicia Taylor and Sandy Videen kept the concert going strong with their pieces. They moved around between the two pieces they performed, which were Andante Festivo and Sonatina Giocosa. Watching all of the performers together, after watching two solo performances, was interesting to watch.

While the soloists were performing, all the stress was on them and their instrument to make sure that everything went well, but when in a group, you saw everyone relax a bit more, since they weren’t the only person performing, and trying to make everything sound decent. The SCSU Flute Quartet, who includes, Jutz, Ally Haas, Schneider and Krause, ended the concert with their single piece, and it was very interesting to see how these four girls could go from a group of seven, to a group of four, and still look relaxed with playing together.

After the concert, St. Cloud State University freshman, Yohan Morales said “I thought it was quite exquisite and calming,” about the concert. Calming and quite exquisite the concert was. If you ever get the chance to go to a student performance, take the opportunity to be able to relax and get lost in the music for a while.

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Elaina Fourniea

Elaina is a junior with a mass communications major and psychology minor at St. Cloud State University. She is a writer for the University Chronicle.

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