Is the convenience worth the price?

Meal plans on campus, are very convenient. You do not have to go far to enjoy dinner at Garvey Commons or a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, everything is in a comfortable walking distance. Yet just like almost everything in life, none of these conveniences are free. The question we are looking to be answered is that, is the convenience worth the price?

SCSU senior Cleophas Quevi believes they were affordable as a first year.

“As a freshman when I lived on campus it was worth it,” Quevi said. “I had the unlimited plan so I really took advantage of it.”

Yet like most students at SCSU, the older you become the less you seem to eat on campus and the more you eat off campus. “Yes I believe meal plans are affordable to an extent.” Stated SCSU senior Zach Anderson. “I eat on campus basically because Chick-Fil-A is my favorite.”

However, not all students believe they get their money’s worth when they pay for a meal plan. “I felt like I should have gotten more for my money.” stated SCSU sophomore Bianca Williams. “I only eat at Garvey or Atwood once or twice a week.”

“No I do not think they are affordable. I would rather buy groceries from Aldi.” stated SCSU junior Henry Bannerman

“Yes I have a meal plan but I do not think it was worth it,” said SCSU junior Cj Johnson. “I only use it once or twice a week. I honestly think they are overpriced.”

The variation in whether meal plans are affordable varies from each student and a lot of factors can play a part in your decision. Such as, do you have a car to drive and get food off campus? What year are you in school? Do you have a job to be able to afford paying for your own meals daily? Are you on campus all day? Do you walk in or past Atwood?

Each student has their own perspective.

“I eat on campus ⅗ days. It’s about 50/50 sometimes it’s on the go and sometimes it isn’t,” stated SCSU junior Cyril Johnson. “But I would rather grocery shop by far than pay for a meal plan. I feel as though they are too expensive and the value of food doesn’t justify it.” 

The amount and or quality and what is available at Garvey Commons has been an issue for some students.

“I do not think Garvey is worth the money due to the inconsistency of the food on different days. If students are spending their money on food they should make sure they leave satisfied,” SCSU sophomore Minne Goodlin said.

“For an off-campus student with monthly expenses it won’t be worth it to buy food on campus or a meal plan for Garvey. Because they can utilize those funds to buy groceries and prepare meals at home,” stated SCSU sophomore Naapen Goodlin.

Yes meal plans and different restaurants on campus are very convenient, and everything is in a comfortable walking distance, but to answer the question, “Is the convenience worth the price?” you have to dig more into each student to find out.

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