Controversial Comedienne CoCoa Brown Tackles SCSU Audience

Comedienne CoCoa Brown brought her act to a room of about 60 individuals in the Atwood Ballroom on February 12th.

The audience was greeted by Brown’s immediate response to Minnesota’s weather and the diversity of her crowd, which consisted of both SCSU students and members of the community, who might’ve seen her previous work through outlets such as Tyler Perry’s critically acclaimed comedy series “For Better Or Worse” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.

From there, Brown began her one-hour stretch of comedic topics, branching from contemporary media to societal issues and the flaws that one may be able to note on a daily basis. With nothing off limits in her act, Brown touched on subjects relatable to her student-oriented audience such as relationships and cheating, sex and marriage, college parties, and friendship, but not without offending members of her audience.

“I understand that they were just jokes, but I didn’t feel like they were at all appropriate and I felt that it was completely unnecessary to call celebrities unattractive,” said Lynsey Ihli, a second-year SCSU student.  “I think that those took away from the show rather than adding to it.”

“I also didn’t like that she kept pointing out the differences between white and black people. I feel that focusing on the differences makes it more difficult for different types of people to relate to each other,” Ihli said. “I would say that I really enjoyed myself for half of the show, but found myself offended or upset for the other half of it.”

Brown poked fun at the differences between white and African-American body types and style, dropping names such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and 50 Cent. Brown didn’t hold back from attacking their appearances and ethics.

The effect Brown had on the audience was generally positive as gasps of shock were quickly followed by laughter, applause, nodding along, and in some cases crying was joined with the laughter.

Brown seemed comfortable with addressing the people who were showed distaste with her choice and range of jokes and punchlines.

Josh Munson, a sophomore at SCSU appreciated Brown’s humor and said “nothing is funnier than our own stereotypes, and [Brown] highlighted all of the best ones in her show.” Munson continued, “her mildly offensive and incredibly funny show was definitely worth going to see. It was definitely one of the highlights of my week.”

Though, students expressed differing reactions, regarding Brown’s performance and content.

Brown’s appearance at Atwood was lined with life advice aimed to make a point of issues in mainstream media and in every day life.

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