Comedy duo Frangela tears up Ritsche Auditorium

“This is America” was a phrase repeatedly uttered by comedy duo Frangela during their show in Ritsche Auditorium this Friday night, organized by University Program Board. Laughs were had as the duo skewered friend and roommate archetypes, talked about their love of horror films, explained the concept of “theoretical vegetarianism”, and gave advice to SCSU students.

Frangela is a Los Angeles-based duo of Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, both of The Second City comedy troupe. They’ve appeared on the VH1 show ‘Best Week Ever’, the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’, ‘Hannah Montana’, and many other television shows and movies collectively.

Around two hundred students watched Frangela make commentary on relatable topics such as odd given names, laziness, horror movies, friendships, and varied highs and lows of college life. The duo repeated several phrases in their show, telling stories that referred to the phrases, “The worst kind of lie is the lie you tell yourself,” and “You do not live an active lifestyle.”

They interacted with the audience throughout the show, and learned many personal facts of the audience while sharing their own wacky tales. They also shared how people have mistaken their friendship for being fake, though they said they are best friends in real life.

SCSU senior Jena Meyer attended the show at a friends’ suggestion. Meyer said Frangela made reflections upon her own life. Meyer also said she liked how the duo got the audience involved. Senior Dustin Johnson said he came to the show because he had seen them on television, and he said that Frangela was very hilarious, and “Got the whole crowd laughing.”

Performing as a duo since 2003, Callier and Shelton said they like performing for college students as opposed to comedy clubs because college students are friendly, they’re not drunk, and they don’t get angry like drunk club-goers.

This is not Frangela’s first appearance at SCSU, according to University Program Board music and variety coordinator Daniela Blanton. Blanton, who organized Friday night’s show, said former UPB board members referred Frangela to her, and people liked them so much that they were asking for UPB to bring them back. Blanton said she liked that the duo asked her questions about St. Cloud before the show, to get a better understanding of the audience and connect with them. That connection was clear when Frangela made references to The Red Carpet Night Club and The Press Bar during their show.

Frangela has college tour dates from now through November and they can be seen on the Hulu original series Quick Draw.

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