Coach Dolan misses days on the diamond

Longtime SCSU baseball coach Pat Dolan misses the guys as he awaits baseball to return.

Social distancing during these times can be tough, but SCSU baseball Head Coach Pat Dolan has still managed to stay productive.

There isn’t a whole lot to do, but according to a video posted on the baseball team’s Facebook page, Dolan has managed to keep his eyes on the prize regarding the team’s future.

“Believe it or not as disappointing as it is not being on the baseball field, I’m getting a lot of of really productive things done with our recruiting. We’ve got 13 new high school players and junior college players coming for next year and a good jump start on our 2021 class,” said Dolan.

The self-described baseball junkie admits he doesn’t have a lot of hobbies outside of baseball, but enjoys fishing on occasion, but not surprisingly misses baseball more than anything.

“I’m a baseball junkie. I’m missing the Twins, I’m missing the Huskies, I’m missing the guys, I’m missing the competition. Us baseball coaches, we’re kind of a little half-crazy the way it is with all the time we put into baseball,” said Dolan.

Dolan might miss the competition, but the competition sure doesn’t miss his successful coaching. The coach has led SCSU baseball to at least 30 wins every season since 2009, and was off to another good start in 2020 before COVID-19 ended their season at 9-5.

The Huskies made the NCAA tournament nearly every season during the last decade with 2014 being the only time missing the tournament since 2009. His team then bounced back in a big way spending parts of 2015 and 2016 as the number one ranked Division II baseball team in the country.

A man with a love for the game like Dolan, coaching means a whole lot to him and if you ask him what his favorite part about being the coach is? He bets it’ll be the same answer as any other coach.

“If you ask their favorite part about being a coach to any coach, whether it’s a tee-ball coach, a major league coach, baseball, softball, any sport, it’s just the guys and gals on the team, the players,” said Dolan. “We got the second best thing that a lot of guys don’t have my age, I get to be associated with this great game of baseball… that means a lot to me. It’s my 27th year of doing this and I just miss the guys.”

One thing is for certain, Dolan and the Huskies miss baseball and they cannot wait to get back onto the diamond next season.

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