City enters agreement for new electronic records system, approves Feb. 8 agenda

City Council members met Feb. 8 to address a number of items on the agenda that included subscribing to a new electronic records system and some local businesses being in violation of city ordinances. Agenda items eight, nine and 10 were pulled by council members that evening.

Item eight was a request for approval to authorize the city attorney to enter into an agreement with the Minnesota Judicial Branch to allow access to the New Minnesota Government Access (MGA) electronic records system. The request was made by City Attorney Matthew Staehling.

According to the agenda, the Minnesota Judicial Branch is replacing the current system, Odyssey, with the New MGA, which requires the city to enter into a Master Subscribers Agreement. By gaining access, it would help the legal department in supplying legal services, the agenda stated.

Staehling said the city has been subscribed to the Odyssey system for almost 10 years. The New MGA subscription gives the city attorneys access to more electronic documents, including public and confidential, he explained.

“It will be like looking at a virtual court file,” Staehling said. The New MGA system doesn’t have a cost attached to it. The state provides the New MGA system to help make the courts system efficient, he said. The pass was unanimous.

Council member Carol Lewis brought item nine to discussion next. Boulder Ridge Golf Club, Liquor Pig and Waldo’s Pizza were in violation of the terms and conditions of the Intoxicating Liquor License issued by the City of St. Cloud, according to the agenda. It was the first violation in the past 24 months for each business.

An employee at each business sold alcohol to a St. Cloud Police Department operative who was under 21 at the time, the agenda stated. Each businesses was assessed a $750 fine for the violation that’s to be paid within 30 days after the council adopts the resolution. The council voted to pass the adoption of the resolution.

City Council then unanimously agreed to deny a new massage facility’s application for an operating license. According to the agenda, the application was pulled Jan. 25. The business was inspected the same day. Four violations were found.

Community Development Director Matt Glaesman explained that the city has stayed in contact with the business, Hui Wang, to see whether they plan to operate in St. Cloud, but said he’s not sure. A fine has not been assessed to the business at this time.

Moving onto the end of the agenda, the council approved an application from the Wedgewood Cooperative Housing Association to increase the amount of signage allowed on their future office buildings at 3315 and 3351 Roosevelt Road.

The council approved the increase in sign square footage to 150, up from 100 square feet, the number of signs per side of the building, and giving clearance for putting signs on three sides of the building, according to the agenda.

The city council meeting ended after passing an amendment to the Assessment Roll 1 for improvements constructed during 2015, which includes numerous improvements to city streets, lighting and more. The city recommended the assessment rate for the curb, gutter and street reconstruction for the Cold Spring Granite parcel be reduced to 25 percent, according to the agenda.

The improvements under Assessment Roll 1 for 2015 costs $7,883,969, the total city costs for public improvements is estimated at $5,774,472, and the special assessments are about $2,109,497, the agenda stated.

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