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    Students enjoyed one of the activities provided by the Campus Rec Organization.
  • IMG_4569.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Campus Rec at St. Cloud State University provided students with a fun activity for the night.
  • IMG_4579.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A mini golf course was set up outside of the Atwood Mall for students to play.
  • IMG_4581.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    An arrangement of games were displayed for students to use with a valid student ID.
  • IMG_4584.jpg?fit=1400%2C973
    Students collided in one of the blow-up activities provided at the Blizzardshack event.
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    The University Program Board provided students with an event on October 12, 2017, from 7-11 pm.
  • IMG_4618.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students enjoyed a carnival ride, Tornado, at the Blizzardshack event.
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    A display of activities at Blizzardshack event held in Atwood Mall on October 12, 2017.
  • IMG_4639.jpg?fit=1034%2C1400
    A student getting ready to golf at one of the holes provided at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4640.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    The mini golf course was lit up in an arrangement of glowing lights.
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    A student getting ready to golf at one of the holes provided at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4649.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Students were required to wear goggles at the police mini golf station that would resemble an intoxicated experience.
  • IMG_4654.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    St. Cloud Police Department assisted a student in staying steading after mini golfing with stimulation goggles on.
  • IMG_4656.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    The Education Abroad program decorated on of the many mini-golf holes for students to participate in.
  • IMG_4661.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Mini golf was decorated with several themes for each organization.
  • IMG_4666.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students enjoyed one of the activities provided at Blizzardshack.
  • IMG_4695.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A carnival ride was provided for students and community to Celebrate State week.
  • IMG_4703.jpg?fit=933%2C1400
    Students showed off their moves in the Atwood Mall during blizzard shack October 12, 2017.
  • IMG_4705.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    A DJ provided an arrangement of tunes for students to enjoy the evening.
  • IMG_4724.jpg?fit=1400%2C905
    St. Cloud State mascot enjoyed a free refreshment at the event.
  • IMG_4736.jpg?fit=1400%2C930
    Several students gathered to dance the night away in the Atwood Mall.
  • IMG_4739.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students got low to the Cupid Shuffle at the Blizzardshack event.
  • IMG_4757.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Free marshmallows were provided to students and the community to roast over a warm fire.
  • IMG_4768.jpg?fit=1400%2C933
    Students gathered to stay warm and enjoy a tasty treat at Blizzardshack- one of the events to kick off Celebrate State weekend.
  • IMG_4777.jpg?fit=1400%2C876
    Marshmallows were roasted over a warm fire. All food and refreshments were free to students with a valid student ID.

Celebrate State Week- Blizzardshack

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