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Staying active at your desk job

Whether it’s a 9-5 desk job or a busy class schedule followed by studying at the library, a sedentary lifestyle can be a deadly one. The more hours an individual sits the greater likelihood of dying an earlier death regardless of how many hours spent exercising each day. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that inactivity is the fourth biggest reason for death in the world. Breaks from sitting are needed, even if it’s for three minutes. Get up and get moving to help decrease the chances of developing heart disease. Don’t be afraid of what the boss might say. Workers who take three to five minute breaks every 60 to 90 minutes are more productive than those who don’t take a few minutes to be active. Below are some easy ways to get active in the office or at the library. Skip the elevator and escalator, take the stairs… Keep Reading

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Huskies Women’s Basketball Flattens Northland College

Wow, talk about a dominating performance. The St. Cloud State Huskies flattened Northern College at Halenbeck Hall on Saturday by a final of 81-46. To be honest, this article will be a little tough to write simply because there isn’t enough paper on the planet Earth to go through and describe, in detail, everything that the Huskies did well Saturday night against Northland College. In this exhibition game, the Huskies were pitted against a team that struggled to a 2-22 record the previous year (albeit with a first-year coach and a surprisingly young team) and it really showed in the first two quarters. The Huskies led the Jill’s 25-9 at the end of the first half. This was mostly a product of the Huskies defensive pressure and dominance on the backboards. St. Cloud State forced a total of 17 turnovers in the first two frames and held a 19-4 rebounding… Keep Reading

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Fantasy Football week 10: Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Fantasy Football: Week 10 Start ’Em Sit ’Em Week nine in fantasy football was filled with tremendous performances from Antonio Brown, Steelers wide receiver, who had over 280 yards receiving to Marcus Mariota, Titans quarterback, throwing his second, four touchdowns and zero interception game. Mariota is the only rookie ever to achieve that, according to ESPN.   Notable performances from week nine: DeAngelo Williams (Steelers) 36 points, Marcus Mariota (Titans) 32 points, Cam Newton (Panthers) 32 points, Dree Brees (Saints) 31 points, Antonio Brown (Steelers) 28 points, Derek Carr (Raiders) 26 points, Lamar Miller (Dolphins) 25 points, Cole Beesly (Cowboys) 23 points and DeMarco Murray (Eagles) 21 points according standard ESPN scoring. Week 10 has many exciting matchups which should provide another wild week in fantasy football. It is a pivotal week for fantasy football owners as the playoffs are four weeks away and it is make it or break it… Keep Reading

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Sports column: goaltender ‘Charlie Lindgren is on fire’

When you’re hot, you’re hot, and Charlie “Chuck” Lindgren is on fire. The NCHC player of the month went 5-2 (4 shutouts) in October as the starting goaltender for the Huskies. Chuck started off the year as good as anybody can possibly hope for with three straight shutouts, including two in a sweep of in-state rival Mankato State. Lindgren finished the month just as strong as he started only allowing one goal on 48 total shots against conference rival Miami. Add all of that up and that means Charlie is the owner of a .947 save percentage and goals against average (GAA) of 1.43 and yes, that is good; really, really good. Having a goalie as hot as Charlie Lindgren is a huge boost to the Huskies. As a team, it allows you to just play your game without worrying about one mistake costing you at the other end. Everybody… Keep Reading

Fantasy Football: Week 9 Start ’em Sit’ em

Start ‘Em and Sit ‘Em for week nine Week eight in fantasy football was very interesting across the board. Some owners of fantasy football teams were overjoyed, while others were heartbroken. Some players had their best game of the season while other players played their last game of the season in week eight. Notable injuries from week eight: Le’Veon Bell (Steelers), MCL and other ligament damage – out for the season, Steve Smith Sr. (Ravens), tore Achilles heel – out for the season, Keenan Allen (Chargers) lacerated kidney – out for the season, Khiry Robinson (Saints) leg injury out for the season, Calvin Johnson (Lions), ankle soreness is day-to-day, Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets), torn ligament in his thumb and is day-to-day and Kendal Wright (Titans) MCL sprain is day-to- day according to ESPN. Week nine will offer a challenge to fantasy football owners as they try to find replacements for their injured players… Keep Reading

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10 ways to stay fit in college

It’s your freshman year of college. You’re completely on your own with no parents giving you a curfew, telling you when to do your homework or telling you what you can and can’t eat. Sounds great right? Well, it may sound like fun and games until you come back for Thanksgiving break and you’re stuffed more than the turkey on your dining table. Everyone has heard about the freshman 15, however, a study done by New York University shows that the average college freshman only gains seven pounds during their first year away from home. Still, weight gain is something to look out for, especially in the US. According to the Center for Disease Control, about one-third of the US population is considered obese. Some people are born with an obesity gene, which further increases the risk of health problems. Long-term obesity can lead to increased risks of certain types… Keep Reading

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Slow cookers for the win

Slow cookers can be a college student’s best friend. A simple meal prep in the morning followed by a few hours of cooking, and students can return from class or work to an apartment that smells like mom spent the afternoon preparing a meal. Slow cookers and a little planning can also take away that panicked feeling of coming home and realizing there is nothing to eat, which likely means you’ll end up eating at a nearby fast food restaurant. Not only are the meals easy to make, for most recipes, minimal meal prep is required, saving students time. Best of all, a few days worth of meals can be made at one time, with leftovers going in the fridge or freezer. Slow cookers won’t break the bank either, most retail for under $30. Another benefit is that less expensive cuts of meat can be used since they will be able… Keep Reading

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The truth about fat

“Lite,” “Low-Fat,” “Fat-Free” and “Reduced-Fat” items can be seen all over the grocery store. Where has this no-fat craze come from and where is it going? During the 1970’s, researchers believed there was a correlation that existed between fat intake, weight gain, and heart disease, leading to a low-fat pandemonium. In the mid 1980’s low-fat products were starting to be produced and the fat was being replaced by carbohydrates. Fat adds flavor, so when it is removed, additives such as sugar, refined carbohydrates (which break down into sugar), refined vegetable oils, or artificial sweeteners are incorporated to replace the fat. Even though Americans cut their fat intake, weight loss was not seen as researchers had predicted. The number of Americans being diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes, health conditions related to obesity, had continued to rise. Today, heart disease remains the nation’s leading cause of death in the U.S., a ranking… Keep Reading

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Fantasy Football early outlook

Fantasy football is filled of joys and disappointments for every owner of a team. They deal with players who turn into fantasy football gold and while other players turn out to be fantasy football trash. This season is no different from any other season for fantasy football. As a fantasy football owner, you have to deal with a lot from matchups to injuries. This season, there has been many key NFL players who have been injured that has caused problems for fantasy football owners. Big Name Players With Injuries Kevin Benjamin, Panthers, tore his ACL during the off season; Jordan Nelson, Packers, tore ACL during preseason game; Tony Romo, Cowboys, broken collarbone; Dez Bryant, Cowboys, broken foot; Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers, MCL sprain and knee bruise. Through the first five weeks of the NFL season we have seen excellent play from players who we expected to play good but also the… Keep Reading

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