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The Vikings chanting their way to Philly

It all comes down to this. Case Keenum leads the Minnesota Vikings to the best season the purple and gold have seen since the infamous 1998 season vs Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. These two teams almost seem to be carbon copies of each other on the surface, yet they might not be as similar as we think. Led by MVP candidate Carson Wentz for most of the season, the Eagles were averaging 31.1 points per game through 13 weeks – since Foles took over for the injured Wentz, the Eagles are averaging just 17 points per game. Looking even closer into it, after the 34 point outburst against a bad Giants team, Foles’ Eagles are scoring just 11.3 points per game. For comparison in games that Keenum has played in for the Vikings, the purple and gold are scoring 22.5 points per game. That’s essentially twice the amount… Keep Reading

Sports Columns

Minnesota Vikings: Destiny?

As many of you know, I am a hardcore Packer-backer and member of the Cheesehead Nation. I wear my Packers uniforms on campus along with my cheesehead. I was devastated by Aaron Rodgers’ injury against the Vikings, but in the Packers-less playoffs, I don’t have a problem rooting for the Vikings. This just means we have a chance to beat the Super Bowl champs twice! I’m writing this article less than an hour after the end of the game and I still cannot believe that Minnesota pulled it off. I am simply in awe. With this victory, the Vikings have become the first ever team to advance past the Divisional Round when the Super Bowl is in their home field. Next week, we go to a Carson Wentz-less Philadelphia Eagles. If you check my season preview at the beginning of the year, I didn’t give Minnesota much of a chance,… Keep Reading

Mid-season analysis of the Vikings quarterback controversy
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The Case for Case Keenum – Vikings Quarterback Controversy

The Vikings enter bye week at 6-2 on top of their division and rolling through a four-game win streak. Despite this seemingly positive position the team is in halfway through the season, they face a big decision at the quarterback position upcoming. With four quarterbacks potentially on the roster when the team enters their week 10 matchup with the Redskins, moves are on the horizon. Sam Bradford, who played at a high level in the season-opening win over the Saints, has not been healthy since. In this regard, Bradford will likely either move to injured reserve for the remainder of the season, or backup Kyle Sloter will be moved to the practice squad (or cut altogether). Then there is the once-promising Teddy Bridgewater. After more than a year-long recovery process, Bridgewater is poised to return to the lineup in week 10. The Vikings coaching staff now need to determine if… Keep Reading

Analysis of who will win the NFC North
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Wide open NFC North: who will win?

As Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr tossed Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the ground during the Sunday, Oct. 15 game, the NFC North division title went up for grabs. Just a little over a third of the way through the season, an injury to the Packers key offensive star leaves the division race an uncertain future. Even the Chicago Bears who currently stand at 2-4 have a shot at the division. 10 games are left on the calendar and each team will look to make the most of them. VIKINGS: When the season began, many predicted that the Vikings posed the greatest threat to the Packers favorable chances of winning the division. The Vikings offense is nothing like it was a year ago. Not only is the offensive line entirely revamped, and for good reasons, but the team has struggled with injuries. Through it, they have persevered with backup quarterback Case… Keep Reading

Minnesota Twins Wildcard Playoffs
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From Losers to Believers: The Twins Transformed

Last year at this time the Minnesota Twins had lost over 100 games and would find themselves watching the October playoff magic from their TVs. This year, things have turned up for the Twins, who ended 85-77, placing 2nd in the American League Central. On Oct. 3 the Twins will face off against the New York Yankees in a single elimination game in the wild-card round. The odds are stacked against them – who under the former single team wild card system would not have made the playoffs. But the new rules from 2012 played into the Twins favor and they should do whatever they can with the opportunity. The Yankees, however, have a history of toppling the Twins playoff hopes year after year. In the last 15 seasons, the Twins and Yankees have faced off in 4 playoff series: 2002, 2003, 2009 and 2010. In each series the Yankees… Keep Reading

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Fantasy Football: Week 1 Stud or Dud?

The first week of fantasy football is complete and what a week it was. Week 1 provided us with many shockers and hair pulling performances. The biggest takeaway of week one was the disappointing show by big name players in the league. A high number of top drafted players laid an egg in week 1. So, let’s dive into the Fantasy Stud or Dud of Week 1. Week 1 Fantasy Stud Alex Smith, Chiefs: Smith is known as a time management quarterback who doesn’t risk throwing the ball downfield. Well, in Week 1 he decided to play like his opposing team’s quarterback, Tom Brady. Smith went off in week one throwing for 368 yards and four touchdowns. His performance was good enough to score 30 points and be the top-ranked quarterback in fantasy football. Matthew Stafford, Lions: Stafford started off slow in week 1 but picked it up in the… Keep Reading

Sports Columns

JJ Watt’s Foundation exceeds expectations

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana hard on August 25. It was the first major hurricane to hit the United States since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. The storm destroyed many people’s houses, businesses and lives. Many people were forced to leave their homes because of flooding. As the people left their home and evacuated to shelters, sports arenas and religious centers the supplies for the people ran low. The Evacuees were limited to bottled water and other essentials as stores didn’t have enough due to loosing supplies from the floods. Stepped in, JJ Watt defensive end for the Houston Texans, who started a relief fund in which he hoped to raise $200,000. Watt communicated with people through social media especially Twitter posting videos of updates and giving the people of Houston hope as they try to rebuild their city. From here on Watt became the voice for Houston, asking people… Keep Reading

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Minnesota Twins: Buyers or Sellers?

The number 7 represents how many years it has been since the Twins have made the postseason. The number 7 represents how many games the Twins are behind the first place Cleveland Indians as of Sunday July 30, 2017. The Twins have been hovering around the .500 mark all season and right behind the Indians for first place in the Central Division. The Pitching rotation has been a major problem for the Twins over this postseason drought as they have struggled to put together a solid rotation through free agency or in the draft. However, this season Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios have been the heart of the Twins’ rotation and have been a major reason why the Twins are in the hunt for the post season. With the trade deadline coming up on Monday July 31st, 2017, the Minnesota Twins made some moves in which it looked they were… Keep Reading

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New Era, New Look (We Hope)

On April 11, The Minnesota Timberwolves revealed the new logo that will represent the team for the upcoming years. A slick representation of the old, the new, and the Minnesota. The team has been starving for an identity since Kevin Garnett was traded and since the Kevin Love debacle. Superstar Karl-Anthony Towns doesn’t deserve to drag along the rugged history of the last 13 years. He gets his own chance to make his own Timberwolves brand and build a team that can be great. It was time to move on from the 2000’s 3-D cartoonish look that many teams have shed thus far (Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings). But what this logo really should represent is an era where Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, and Zach LaVine will take over, just like the Kevin Garnett takeover in 1996 when the second Timberwolves logo was revealed. It’s time to shed the longest… Keep Reading

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