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College senators hope to connect students, leading Student Govt.

Brandon Mitchell, a mechanical engineering major, said he wants to put a face back on Student Government. Having been apart of Student Government for a year now, Mitchell joined as a senator for the College of Science and Engineering. He begins his last year at St. Cloud State this coming fall, the same time he hopes to lead the organization as president. “I want students to relate, to feel connected,” Mitchell said. As a college senator, Mitchell meets with the dean of his college at least twice per semester. When it comes time to meet, he gathers input from professors and students and presents them to the dean to help work toward resolving issues around campus. But, there are still many things that Mitchell wants to see through during his time with Student Government. Now, running for president, he and his vice president running mate, Jordan Kennedy, a nursing major,… Keep Reading

News/Politics/SCSU News

Student Gov. candidates discuss athletic cuts, diversity at 1st debate

The candidates for SCSU Student Government President and Vice President held their first debate Thursday, March 24, in Atwood’s Cascade room. Some of the key issues covered in the debate were the St. Cloud State budget crisis, student involvement and diversity. These issues were reflected in the presidential candidates’ answers to the first question, “What are three challenges St. Cloud State is facing right now?” “Dropping enrollment is leading to lower revenue,” said Brandon Mitchell, who is running for Student Government president. “We need to bring in more students and get alumni involved… The freshmen retention rate is terrible.” Mikaela Johnson, running for Student Government president, also identified freshmen retention rate as one of the main issues that needs addressing. One of her platforms is increased communication to new students about resources during the “Huskies First Four,” an initiative to help new students adjust to life at St. Cloud State. “Representation… Keep Reading


Presidential Elections: The run down

  With the Iowa Caucus’s behind us and the New Hampshire primaries on Tuesday – The presidential election season is heating up and has taken some very unusual turns to say the least. With Bernie Sanders trying to start a political revolution and Donald Trump entering the race in general, it will be an interesting turnout to see who wins the race to the White House. For those who have not paid much attention to the race, here is what is currently happening as of now. Who are the front runners for each party? The Democrats. On the Democratic side, it is down to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. The two are neck and neck in the polls and have similar ideas on how the country should be run, but have very different ideas on how to reach their goals. Hillary is labeled more… Keep Reading


Foreign Service Officer talks careers in the US Department of State

The US Department of State, in collaboration with St. Cloud State University, held an informative session on careers in the department Thursday, touching specifically on career opportunities as foreign service officers (FSO). The session was in Centennial Hall 207 from 4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., and was free and open to the public. Recruitment and Outreach Officer Vayram A. Nyadroh presented to an audience of roughly 50 attendees on information ranging from requirement, internship opportunities, professional fellowships, civil service, to foreign service officer career paths. The FSO track and its career paths were the main focus of the presentation, so much so that there was another information session after the event to discuss and shed light on the Foreign Service Officer Test (FOST). A FSO is a commissioned member of the US Foreign Service. They are people with strong leadership abilities, sound judgment, the ability to remain composed in stressful situation. And most… Keep Reading


‘You live this position,’ Student Govt. president says

During Summer Vogl’s first year at St. Cloud State, she said she knew exactly what she wanted to do, and much of it started in the Student Government office. With a social studies teaching major and a minor in political science, Vogl made her way to the office, where she met former Student Government President Lindsey Gunnerson. After a brief conversation and being shown around by Gunnerson, Vogl said, “They found a spot for me right away…I was sitting on the senate by Thursday.” After her stop at the office, Delta Zeta bid her on a week later and Gunnerson became her big. The following year, Gunnerson wanted to run for Student Government president and asked Vogl to help her, she explained. They worked alongside each another during that time. In the process, Vogl was appointed to be the academic chair of the student organization before going on to be the Executive… Keep Reading


Zachary Dorholt looking to win back seat in Minnesota House

Zachary Dorholt, a St. Cloud State University graduate, got an unusual and unexpected start in politics. In 2010 he was the campaign chair for Larry Haws, who withdrew last minute from the race for family matters. In return, he gave Dorholt his endorsement for his first political campaign. With minimal time to prepare for the election, Dorholt was defeated, but remained dedicated. In 2012, he ran for the district 14B seat, which includes St. Cloud, and won. Dorholt has been part of the two most expensive House races in Minnesota history – 2012 and 2014, yet says the vast majority of that money came from third party Political Action Committees (PAC’s). In 2012 and 2014 Dorholt voluntarily abided by the campaign spending limit, which in 2012 was $35,000 and in 2014 was $60,000. He thinks the money candidates raise is more than enough for local elections and strongly opposes the… Keep Reading


All about TPP: Trans Pacific Partnership

If you have been paying attention to the news the past few months, you have probably heard about the terms TPP and TPA. You may wonder what that means and why you should pay attention to it and it’s not easy to follow along with. Luckily, we here at the University Chronicle are here to help make it easier for you to understand why it is important and how it will affect you (the college student) in today’s competitive job market. Let’s start off with the basics. TPP stands for Trans Pacific Partnership which could be the largest trade accord in history, if passed. It could be one of the most audacious trade deals since the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, which opened up free trade amongst the United States, Canada and Mexico. The deal would open up trade with the Asian Pacific countries such as China, Japan,… Keep Reading

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