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Making America Great Again?

Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America. Yes, you read that correctly—he will be the President of the United States of America. President-elect Trump will begin to “Make America Great Again.” President-elect Trump used very hard rhetoric to push his campaign to reach the masses. He targeted a demographic of America that seemed to not be interested in politics, sweeping states such as Texas, Mississippi, and even obtaining Florida in a stunning fashion. “What I am afraid of is the fact that he opened the door to openly use hate speech,” said Henry Bannerman, a student at St. Cloud State University. “If the president of the United States can use this language, then what is stopping my co-worker from using it to me?”  The door has certainly been opened. All over the country, according to social activist Shaun King, people in day one of President-elect… Keep Reading


Why does the University have to switch around fall break?

During this time of the year, students at colleges and universities all across the country get to participate in homecoming (which we all know where that goes) but here at St. Cloud State University, we have fall break. At this time of the year, students get to go home to their families, go on vacation, or stay on campus and catch up on missed work from the previous months. Since I have attended the University, fall break has always landed on a Thursday and Friday, making for a short week and giving students time to kick back, relax, and enjoy themselves for a few days before they get smacked in the face with midterm exams and projects. This year, the University decided it would be a logical idea to start fall break on Saturday and end it on Tuesday, causing for an awkward gap that seems to have left many… Keep Reading


Let’s get real: Expectations of University life

When I first decided to come back to school two years ago, I thought, “Oh, this will be great! I’ll dedicate all of my time to studying, and just write some freelance articles on the side to make some extra cash.” Ha. Oh, how my younger self was so nieve. It’s not only enough for a college student to be “expected” (yes, in quotations because i’m generalizing and not everyone has these expectations) to get straight A’s or maybe a couple B’s, but they are also expected to be involved in organizations on campus, hold some sort of job (if not two or three) AND have a social life outside of school. Because come on, how is this unreasonable to expect of an adult? What was that? You only work 12 hours a week and don’t have straight A’s? Well wow, you must be lazy compared to Betty over there who works 20 hours a… Keep Reading


1st Presidential Debate: Performance review

With the first Presidential debate in the books, it’s still difficult to know which candidate will make it to the White House, considering both are widely unpopular by a very large demographic. Both performances in the debate were deemed by most to be below par, especially Donald Trump. Trump repeated his same slogans multiple times throughout the 97 minutes they were allowed, denying past claims and scapegoating others for his shortcomings. Sweeping things under the rug… While Clinton was the apparent winner, her performance was also quite lackluster. She may have been prepared, but all of her answers seemed very scripted and memorized out of a public policy textbook, which is not the way you want to present yourself for a debate. Had she gone up against someone else aside from Donald Trump, she most likely would have lost. The debate topics surfaced around the economy and global trade with… Keep Reading


Want to be more involved on campus? Go rock climbing

When I began this, my final semester of my undergraduate degree at St. Cloud State, I found myself entering a period of reflection on my years as a student here—about the experiences I’ve had and the friends I’ve made. And, as reflection is usually a mixed bag, I’ve also spent time considering the things I hadn’t done, of opportunities missed. The cliché adage “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” rang true in my case, and as the weeks of my last semester began slipping through my fingers, it seemed as though the whole campus became rose-colored, and I began to feel the loss of things I had never paid that much attention to in the first place. I would miss the free movies in Atwood (though I had only ever been to one, “True Grit”). I would miss having a bowling alley just under my feet, despite… Keep Reading


Language programs enter the ‘Box of Doom,’ Dept. Chair says

St. Cloud State University has announced budget cuts in various departments, including the languages department, as a means to balance the budget. The university plans to cut $10 million out of its $235 million budget, President Earl H. Potter III said in an interview. Cutting departments can’t be an easy task, especially when it affects the livelihood of so many individuals and limits their opportunities for the future. With that powerful idea in mind, it’s important to look carefully at which departments are being cut and how much value that department brings to the university. Colleges and universities nationwide are facing this issue for a number of reasons. This past February, the Concordia College administration announced their decision to cut language programs to balance their budget, according to a Star Tribune article. At Concordia, a college that has languages engrained into its campus, took heat from students, staff and alumni,… Keep Reading


Thank you and farewell: Alec Kasper-Olson

I remember when I was first starting out. I felt absolutely lost. But, I think that’s just how it goes sometimes. It takes a little while, but I think I figured it out, most of it anyways. When I first started the major, I knew journalism was where I wanted to be, especially print. Day one of my Introduction to Multimedia Journalism class with William ‘Bill’ Huntzicker gave me enough insight as to what I might be getting myself into with this sequence. It was in his class that I began learning the ins and outs of traditional journalism. Overall, my skill as a student journalist wouldn’t be where it is today without that class, and those that followed. What really helped and hurt was getting my first few stories back from Bill. They had red markings everywhere. Getting the stories back with the markings was a difficult pill to… Keep Reading


Muslim in Minnesota

The Islamic religion is one that follows the Qu’ran as the exact words from God.  There are a few glaring differences between Islam and Christianity, such as the belief that Jesus is God in the flesh and that he was crucified for our sins.  Christian belief is that we are all born sinners, while Muslims believe that we are all born pure, absent of sin.  The Muslim day of worship is on Friday while Christians worship on Sunday. Some practicing Christians may take issue with things stated by the Qu’ran, but as cities like St. Cloud become more and more imbedded in the growing anti-Muslim culture, one has to wonder if the resentment towards our Muslim residents has anything to do with religion.   Ron Branstner, a used car salesman, gave an anti-muslim speech in front of a crowd of 100 people at the Landing restaurant in Avon Minnesota last… Keep Reading

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