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Black Widow, feminism and gender inequality

I feel like when I walk into a big box chain store looking for Avenger’s action figure toys, I shouldn’t have to search all over the place and then not even find any Black Widow figurines. Not only has Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow (played by the amazing Scarlett Johansson) been a core part of the Avengers movies, but she is one of the leads in Avengers: Age of Ultron – so why she would be deleted from the action figures is appalling. Hasbro was quickly attacked as to why they took her out of the line up. When she was added in a couple boxes, as Cinema Blend touched on, she was put in the cockpit of the Avengers jet, instead of dropping out of it on the motorcycle, per the scene in the movie. Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Incredible Hulk in the Avengers movies took to Twitter last spring… Keep Reading


How to keep stress in check as a college student

College students are prone to stress. The workload of courses, classes, assignments, tests and other requirements can often feel like too much. And then there’s the social obligations. While they may appear to be forms of relaxation, things like attending parties or other social functions, may actually turn out to be sources of stress, especially for those who have fear of missing out. For some, anxiety about how to cope with all these things will bring on its own stress. Stress can have many physical effects on college students. Some may have mild headaches, others may have chronic headaches, and some might feel constantly tired.  The feeling of how to cope or the inability to cope may set in. The trick is to understanding the source of stress and how to solve it. One helpful strategy might be to not get competitive about grades with fellow students. Obsessing over the achievements of others and… Keep Reading

Clean Energy Plan to cut coal benefits Minnesotans

Monday the 21 of September, I attended a public forum in the Becker Community Center on Obama’s Clean Energy Plan to discuss the economic implications on the local community. I showed up, because I care about Minnesota. I care about people having stable jobs with fair wages, and about people having access to good education, housing and leading healthy lives. I also care about the state of our beautiful water, air and land, not only for their aesthetic, leisure and healing purposes, but also because all the other things I mentioned are impossible to have in a place that has poisoned, dirty, unsafe air, water and land. What was advertised as a public hearing looked more like a badly-run meeting, where people were discouraged from clapping or speaking. Many speakers provided the crowd with plenty of misinformation; virtually all the facts came from sources funded by the Koch brothers, a.k.a.… Keep Reading


A guide to college success for people with learning disabilities

You’ve just graduated high school, your summer consists of going to graduation parties, saying goodbye to all of your old friends and moving into a new chapter of your life. Then all of a sudden, it hits you, you’re getting ready to head off to college. I can remember the crazy thoughts and ideas that were running through my head before I started my freshman year at St. Cloud State. Am I going to meet a lot of new friends? What clubs should I get involved in? Will I end up switching my major? However, the biggest fear I had about coming to college was how my learning disability would effect my ability to handle all of the stress and pressure college throws at people. That’s right, I have a learning disability. I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) when I was in first grade. For years, I struggled… Keep Reading


What to look for when switching your major

Choosing a career is not always easy. It is not easy to just flip a switch and magically know what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. It is a rather challenging task. It takes time, effort and research. I have a friend who started with computer science, changed to politics, then business, then marketing, then switched to communications and ended up in Human resources and public relations. It took her a lot of time to realize what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. It took trying out a lot of majors. As a freshman, you are probably not looking for a major right away. You are most likely looking to make friends and do fun things and so on. But major? Not yet. So, you start taking general education classes and then start getting a feel for college and what it is about.… Keep Reading


Advice column: New to campus?

This fall had so many new students coming to St. Cloud. Some of them were freshmen, while some are transfer students and non-traditional students. Many may not know of the resources that the schools offers. I know how hard it is to be a new student. When I came to school here, I felt like I was not good enough. I felt that I would not be successful, and that I would not do as well as others. I felt bad. I told myself that absolutely nothing could make me feel better. I was always down and did not want to make friends. If there are any freshmen students feeling like this, it is completely normal and it can be solved. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed in the first year. That is the good news. To start, I recommend taking general classes. I jumped straight into my major when… Keep Reading


Strict parking policies give no regard to volunteers on campus

What is one of the top complaints among SCSU students? Parking tickets. It seems that public safety officers are always a few feet away, ready to pounce with parking tickets. It’s a complaint that I hear about daily from fellow students. I know some people in the SCSU community would rather not hear another student whine about getting parking tickets, but I think I can provide a unique perspective to this irritating experience. I also deemed it important to write about the subject, because of recent rumblings I’ve heard from people speculating that Public Safety will require that people will have to have a parking permit to park on campus 24/7. I’m a radio broadcasting major, and I work for the college radio station, KVSC. Apologies for tooting my own horn, but I spend a lot of my time there either deejaying or performing my duties as a paid staff director.… Keep Reading


Students feel SCSU’s financial problems

Money is very important anywhere in the world. No one can survive without money. Money is the only common denominator in the world that is common to everyone. Colleges in the United States could give free tuition, but they have no money for that. Colleges in Minnesota could decide to let all the students go to school without paying, but there would be no education at all. Let us take a closer look at it. If there were no professors, would there be education? No. What is used to keep these professors in the colleges as teachers? Their salary. If one day the school decides to not pay the salaries of all the professors, what would happen? There would be no one to teach. Let us look at it a bit closer again. Everything costs money in college. From the janitors who clean, to the buildings that we learn in,… Keep Reading


Opinion: Culture Nights educate and inspire students

Culture is the way of life of a group of people. It affects how they behave, dress, eat, and is one of the most powerful determinants of how a person lives their life. America has it’s culture and way of life, and so does every other country in the world. Cultures are unique and different and seem strange to outsiders not familiar with it. Cultural Nights are when a particular cultural organization showcases their dances, food, clothing, and whatever makes them unique onstage at SCSU. It’s a good insight. It’s entertaining and even strange sometimes, but all in all, it is fun to see how ways of life of are so unique and different. There are so many cultural groups on campus. There are students from over 80 nations, according to SCSU’s international admissions page. The world is a big place, and it is hard to know every country and every… Keep Reading

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