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Students feel SCSU’s financial problems

Money is very important anywhere in the world. No one can survive without money. Money is the only common denominator in the world that is common to everyone. Colleges in the United States could give free tuition, but they have no money for that. Colleges in Minnesota could decide to let all the students go to school without paying, but there would be no education at all. Let us take a closer look at it. If there were no professors, would there be education? No. What is used to keep these professors in the colleges as teachers? Their salary. If one day the school decides to not pay the salaries of all the professors, what would happen? There would be no one to teach. Let us look at it a bit closer again. Everything costs money in college. From the janitors who clean, to the buildings that we learn in,… Keep Reading


Opinion: Culture Nights educate and inspire students

Culture is the way of life of a group of people. It affects how they behave, dress, eat, and is one of the most powerful determinants of how a person lives their life. America has it’s culture and way of life, and so does every other country in the world. Cultures are unique and different and seem strange to outsiders not familiar with it. Cultural Nights are when a particular cultural organization showcases their dances, food, clothing, and whatever makes them unique onstage at SCSU. It’s a good insight. It’s entertaining and even strange sometimes, but all in all, it is fun to see how ways of life of are so unique and different. There are so many cultural groups on campus. There are students from over 80 nations, according to SCSU’s international admissions page. The world is a big place, and it is hard to know every country and every… Keep Reading


Letter from the editor: Jeremiah Graves farewell

Dear University Chronicle, It’s been quite some time since we first met, but I’ll never forget the feeling the first time I saw my name written on your ninth page. It wasn’t a feeling of pride, it wasn’t the fact that I thought I was a great writer, it was purely the fact that you allowed my work to grace your pages. It was truly an honor. We’ve had tons of sleepovers, long nights of some Netflix and tons of homework, even though there were a few nights that just the opposite occurred. We found a way to get around sleep, pull off good grades in class, drink more coffee than thought possible, as well as make money in the process with part-time jobs. None of this would have been possible without you allowing me to be a part of you. While you allowed me to work for you, I developed… Keep Reading


Positive outlook for the Chronicle

When the semester starts slowing down and the workload becomes less and less, I always take a bit of time to regroup and think about how far I’ve come. This year was unlike any other. Truly. At the very end of last spring semester, I buckled down and made myself walk through the noisy office door, and write for the Chronicle. I knew that I wanted to write, I was–and still am–passionate about writing, and I felt that if anything was going to give me the skill set to begin moving forward in this industry, it was the Chronicle. And, I believe I was right. Lately I’ve been going through the hundreds of print copies of the Chronicle that we have filed away in the office, reading about the number of events and stories that have been covered and uncovered over the years. And then, as I’m moving through them, I… Keep Reading

Opinion/Sports/Sports Columns

The 2015 Masters Tournament, who to watch

Watching Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson tear up last year as he won his second green jacket in three years reminded me why I love the game of golf. Better yet, why I love the Masters Tournament. The perfection of Augusta National Golf Club’s architecture and design by arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Bobby Jones, proves year in and year out to be the toughest test in golf. Entering the Masters 79th year, there is guaranteed to be no shortage of meltdowns, triumphs and lead changes that will keep even non-golfers glued to the television. Coming it at 7,345 yards, Augusta National is a lengthy course that has always favored the long hitters. Those long hitters have all needed superior touch around the greens, with their lightning fast and agonizing contour reputation. Augusta isn’t the narrowest course, but the trees, fairway bunkers and mulch make for a long day… Keep Reading


Receding snow shows a trashed campus

These last few days, especially over the holiday weekend, the weather has been wonderful. The sun has been out to warm everything up, but the wind sweeps through to cool you off. There are spots of green starting to sprout, showing the first signs of life in the last few months, and of course the birds are out and about, singing their tune. However, spring has also revealed a bit more than I was looking forward too. Now that the snow has receded for the year, and people are able to leave the confines of their homes, we’re faced with the beauty that comes with spring intertwined with hideousness of littered roads and sidewalks. There are immense collections of plastic bottles and bags, miscellaneous trinkets or broken headphones or gadgets lying about campus–and the St. Cloud community, while I’m at it–taking place in the picturesque frame that is the changing of… Keep Reading


One Minority that SCSU does not support

Saint Cloud State University prides itself on being a “tobacco free” campus. However, what could be the selling point for some prospective SCSU students could also be a major inconvenience and flaw on campus to current and prospective students, faculty members and visitors. It is completely understandable for non-smokers to oppose the constant exposure of secondhand smoke. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that “at least 69 chemicals in secondhand smoke are known to cause cancer.” NCI said that involuntary smoke “has also been associated with heart disease in adults.” In the image below, a set of data put together by a user on indicates that 19.1 percent of adults in Minnesota are habitual smokers. The number shown above that statistic is the amount of cigarettes the average smoker will smoke on a daily basis; the number for Minnesota is the averaged amount of 17.8 cigarettes per day. With… Keep Reading


Sleeping on the snow for spring break

Instead of heading off to a distant sandy beach over spring break, I spent the first chilly weekend of spring break sleeping on the snow at Lake Maria State Park. Bound to St. Cloud for spring break, a few friends and I had a bit of time on our hands and decided we had been inside too much this winter. The first weekend of spring break proved favorable enough, and on a whim, we decided to go camping. We gathered our gear, piled it into my car, made a few quick stops on the way out of St. Cloud, and headed down I-94 toward Monticello. The drive was short from St. Cloud, and the park is only a few miles from the off ramp. The small, brown information building is just around the corner after pulling into the park. It doesn’t take long to hop out of the car and self-register for… Keep Reading


The Glamorization of the Ugliest Truth

Today, it is not uncommon to hear a teen over-exaggerate, pretending or claiming they have a mental illness of sorts. They self-diagnose, they look up their symptoms on WebMD, and their most trusted source is usually a close friend. News Flash: If a person has not been officially diagnosed by a mental health professional, that person cannot and should not go about saying they have a mental illness. A person does not have an eating disorder just because they’re on a diet. A person does not have clinical depression if they just get sad sometimes. And a person most definitely does not have an anxiety disorder if they just so happen to be cramming for a test tomorrow. Mental illnesses were not made for people to glamorize self-harm and depressing poetry as romantic. There is nothing sexy or beautiful about marks on a person’s skin that are the very embodiment… Keep Reading

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