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Congrats filthy rich, you win again! A breakdown of Trump’s budget proposal

Ladies and Gentlemen of the top 1 percent, congratulations! You’ve won and crushed both the middle and lower classes in a single swoop in the new Trump-Republican budget proposal! Such great components include: cutting the corporate tax rate, ending the individual mandate in Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, taxing college students even more, and raising the middle and poor class’s taxes for the billionaire donor class.  Obviously, this isn’t good for average Americans. To illustrate this point, graduate students like me usually get part of our tuition waived, so it’s basically a “free” couple of credits. This makes a huge impact on the affordability of postgraduate education as a whole. Under this new budget proposal, graduate students will have to count these “free” credits as income. So for me, I will go from being taxed at about 10,000 dollars to around 20,000 dollars. Of course, the more expensive places, like Harvard, a… Keep Reading


Alabama giving Democrats hope: Did I hear that right?

It seems like an eternity ago where the first allegations about Roy Moore and his sexual misconduct/sexual assault of teens broke by the Washington Post. So far, at least eight women have come out and made these allegations, the oldest of which was 22 at the time. National Republicans have said they believe the women and are calling for Moore to step down. Thus far, he’s steadfastly refused, calling the women “liars,” these stories “plots by the Devil,” and blaming “a liberal media unfairly persecuting” him.  Moore has wrapped himself up in perversions of Holy Scripture to justify how he acted to girls as young as 14 when he was in his 30s. As a Christian, I find this to be disgusting and beyond the pale. It’s evil. It is obvious Jesus intended for men to treat women with respect. This shouldn’t have to be discussed.  Alabama evangelical voters face… Keep Reading


Sexual harassment ethics test: Is there a solution?

Obviously, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and the crimes of powerful men have been in the press recently. From Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and now Al Franken, a national conversation is in the works about these things. It’s long overdue and incredibly necessary. I’m going to be focusing on the latter two. What Roy Moore has done is beyond disgusting and flat-out evil. Calling 14-year-olds out of math class to proposition them on dates, hitting on similarly-aged girls at the mall (their place of employment) while in his thirties is horrific. I don’t have enough adjectives for this. Roy Moore doesn’t have enough bleach to wipe this stain from his soul. It’s sickening that he wraps himself in Holy Scripture to try and justify his actions. Sen. Al Franken inappropriately touched a woman on her rear end at an event at the Minnesota State Fair. Before that,… Keep Reading


Why you should be concerned about the fate of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the psychotic idea that all content should be treated equally and Internet Service Providers can’t slow down a site just because they don’t like the content or aren’t willing to pay more money. Crazy, I know. Unfortunately, our FCC regulators look like they are poised to side with big corporations by voting on discontinuing the Net Neutrality rules on December 14th. Long story short: if you love your country, free porn, and/or free social media, contact the FCC at 1-888-255-5322 or at (thanks to John Oliver and the folks at Last Week Tonight), which takes you to their comment section. This is such an unpopular move that even several ISPs are against it. The few that are in favor of it say that they will be able to deliver faster and cheaper internet access to subscribers. These claims have not been evaluated. I would doubt anything… Keep Reading


Opinion: Why I speak up and you should too.

Writing has given me the opportunity to speak up, make my mark, use my voice, pass my message across and make a big difference. When I was younger, I wanted to speak up but my teachers told me to be quiet. My teachers wanted me to be a quiet girl and to be good. Being good was equivalent to being quiet. “Only bad girls speak up” My class teachers Mrs. Maureen said to me. “Bad girls are loud, they talk too much and they scare people away.” I was never going to be a bad girl. I was going to be a very good girl so I never spoke up in class. I sat at the back, never answered questions in class, never spoke to my classmates especially boys (Mrs. Maureen said only bad girls talk to boys or like them), never wanted to be seen and I always worked… Keep Reading


Opinion: Internship with the Office of Secretary of State

I applied to the Capitol Pathways Leadership Program during Fall of 2016. I applied knowing that I was not sure that I could get into the competitive program but I believed in myself because that is the first step to being successful. Always believe in yourself and trust your heart that things would work well in your favor at the end. I got an email that I was accepted and got the email on December 14, 2016, and I was really excited about it. I was getting accepted into my second leadership program. My first leadership program was called Jugaad and I was part of the first cohort. This one I was going to be part of the second cohort but I liked it because they had experience from feedback to make the program better. I loved being able to speak to alumni and ask for advice. I was grateful… Keep Reading


Opinion: The Baha’i faith received worldwide attention

The local Baha’i community in St. Cloud, Minnesota organized a one of a kind anniversary for their faith. The Baha’i faith was founded in Iran around 1863 and the founder was Baha’u’llah whose name means the Glory of God. The event which was about Baha’u’llah’s 200th-year birth, got worldwide attention by government officials, such as Jimmy Carter, Theresa May and many more. Baha’u’llah’s cornerstone teaching is about the promotion of the fundamental unity in all things. The religions of the past have prepared for a world that soon will be considered as one country and all humanity as its citizens. This is what Jesus Christ spoke of when He said, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” The basic principle of the faith is the oneness of humanity, the oneness of religion and the oneness of God. Also, God has sent to humanity teachings to guide… Keep Reading


10 pieces of advice for college students

1 . Go to Class, Connect with Profs. I learned this in my first year of being in college. Connecting with your professors is very important because they are the best resource in any class that you take, can give future career advice, write letters of recommendation and even connect you with alumni. All these can take you far in your college career. Also if you’re struggling in classes, they can help give further explanations and break things down and help with make-up tests. Ultimately professors want the best for you and it is important that you make good use of them. 2 . Use Rate my Professors. Rate my professor is an online platform that shows you what other students say about your professors and the kind of grades they give and also if they give A’s or more like they prefer to give anything other than an A.… Keep Reading


Minneapolis, your vote counts!

Local elections are the most underappreciated devotions to citizenship in the United States. Nationally, only about five percent of the voting population participates in these elections and the Twin Cities are hosting theirs tomorrow so I’m willing to bet many of my fellow student-citizens have a vested interest in this mayoral race. I must admit, I have not done my duty in keeping the Chronicle’s readers focused on these local races despite their importance. In my defense, Donald Trump is the President.  The vast majority of governance happens at the local level. Zoning, affordable housing, sidewalks, road repair, and dozens of other government activities are overwhelmingly or exclusively local government actions. Politico ran a story last week about the discrepancy between what mayors believe Millennials want versus what Millennials actually need. The number one need for our generation, according to this survey, was affordable housing. I want to give a… Keep Reading

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