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New Snapchat update makes students frustrated

Only recently did the most popular social media platform among teens, Snapchat, completely change the design of their app. Needless to say, the update has sparked outrage and controversy among its users about how difficult it is to use. For those who are up to date, Snapchat split their app into two sections: one for socializing and the other for media and advertisement purposes. The update is the biggest change to come to the app since 2011, and users are upset, confused, and angry at the sudden modification. Senior Erica Dakahl, a student here at St. Cloud State University, expressed her thoughts on how inconvenient the app is currently, ” I did not like it [the app] mostly because it was confusing for users,” said Dakahl. The marketing major also voices how the company is going against what is normal for most corporations and businesses by making this change. “What… Keep Reading


Opinion: Sadly, Freedom of Speech Loses Again

The following opinion piece was submitted by Kathy Uradnik, Professor of Political Science at St. Cloud State University.  There were no winners in last week’s controversy over the display of political messages by the SCSU College Republicans, but there were plenty of losers.  They included our student body, which once again witnessed what has become all too common on college campuses:  that the constitutional rights of some can be canceled by the objections of others. Whatever one thought about the College Republicans’ display in the Atwood Student Center, there is no dispute as to its constitutionality:  it was protected free speech.  America has a deep and abiding commitment to freedom of speech; it is a core right.  The first amendment protects many forms of speech, but reserves its highest protection for political speech.  If a nation is to be based on diversity and the diverse viewpoints that come with it, speech… Keep Reading


Government shutdown or government showdown?

Last week, the federal government shut down for about two and a half days because  Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans, and the Doofus-in-Chief were unable to come together about a variety of issues, including parity for defense and non-defense spending, border security, and the plight of the Dreamers. The President took about a half-dozen different viewpoints on these issues, including diametrically opposed positions on immigration alone. In his negotiations with Senate and House leaders, he stated “I’ll take the heat….Send a bill to me and I’ll sign it.” Unfortunately, Donald forgot what Tuesday Donald said. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spent hours with President Trump on Friday, trying to find some common ground for a compromise, but was ultimately unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The government shut down that Friday at midnight Eastern Time. It would reopen on Monday based on a Continuing Resolution, which kept government funding constant based… Keep Reading


Trump and Obstruction of Justice… Are we nearing the end?

I can’t hold back any longer. I have deliberately held back from discussing the ongoing investigation into the President by Special Counselor Robert Mueller in any particular depth because there have been so many other things going on and this investigation is the least of my concerns. Alabama or any number of other things happening at the Federal level are much more important to me. Now, with a report being released that Trump wanted to fire the Special Counsel, I believe that we must speak candidly of this matter. The appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller occurred after the President fired FBI James Comey. The President admitted he fired Comey over the Russia investigation in an interview with Lester Holt. That confession stunned the world and made Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein hire Mueller. Since Mueller’s appointment, he has pursued key members of the Trump presidential campaign, including Paul Manafort, for… Keep Reading


Congrats filthy rich, you win again! A breakdown of Trump’s budget proposal

Ladies and Gentlemen of the top 1 percent, congratulations! You’ve won and crushed both the middle and lower classes in a single swoop in the new Trump-Republican budget proposal! Such great components include: cutting the corporate tax rate, ending the individual mandate in Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, taxing college students even more, and raising the middle and poor class’s taxes for the billionaire donor class.  Obviously, this isn’t good for average Americans. To illustrate this point, graduate students like me usually get part of our tuition waived, so it’s basically a “free” couple of credits. This makes a huge impact on the affordability of postgraduate education as a whole. Under this new budget proposal, graduate students will have to count these “free” credits as income. So for me, I will go from being taxed at about 10,000 dollars to around 20,000 dollars. Of course, the more expensive places, like Harvard, a… Keep Reading


Alabama giving Democrats hope: Did I hear that right?

It seems like an eternity ago where the first allegations about Roy Moore and his sexual misconduct/sexual assault of teens broke by the Washington Post. So far, at least eight women have come out and made these allegations, the oldest of which was 22 at the time. National Republicans have said they believe the women and are calling for Moore to step down. Thus far, he’s steadfastly refused, calling the women “liars,” these stories “plots by the Devil,” and blaming “a liberal media unfairly persecuting” him.  Moore has wrapped himself up in perversions of Holy Scripture to justify how he acted to girls as young as 14 when he was in his 30s. As a Christian, I find this to be disgusting and beyond the pale. It’s evil. It is obvious Jesus intended for men to treat women with respect. This shouldn’t have to be discussed.  Alabama evangelical voters face… Keep Reading


Sexual harassment ethics test: Is there a solution?

Obviously, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, and the crimes of powerful men have been in the press recently. From Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and now Al Franken, a national conversation is in the works about these things. It’s long overdue and incredibly necessary. I’m going to be focusing on the latter two. What Roy Moore has done is beyond disgusting and flat-out evil. Calling 14-year-olds out of math class to proposition them on dates, hitting on similarly-aged girls at the mall (their place of employment) while in his thirties is horrific. I don’t have enough adjectives for this. Roy Moore doesn’t have enough bleach to wipe this stain from his soul. It’s sickening that he wraps himself in Holy Scripture to try and justify his actions. Sen. Al Franken inappropriately touched a woman on her rear end at an event at the Minnesota State Fair. Before that,… Keep Reading


Why you should be concerned about the fate of Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the psychotic idea that all content should be treated equally and Internet Service Providers can’t slow down a site just because they don’t like the content or aren’t willing to pay more money. Crazy, I know. Unfortunately, our FCC regulators look like they are poised to side with big corporations by voting on discontinuing the Net Neutrality rules on December 14th. Long story short: if you love your country, free porn, and/or free social media, contact the FCC at 1-888-255-5322 or at (thanks to John Oliver and the folks at Last Week Tonight), which takes you to their comment section. This is such an unpopular move that even several ISPs are against it. The few that are in favor of it say that they will be able to deliver faster and cheaper internet access to subscribers. These claims have not been evaluated. I would doubt anything… Keep Reading


Opinion: Why I speak up and you should too.

Writing has given me the opportunity to speak up, make my mark, use my voice, pass my message across and make a big difference. When I was younger, I wanted to speak up but my teachers told me to be quiet. My teachers wanted me to be a quiet girl and to be good. Being good was equivalent to being quiet. “Only bad girls speak up” My class teachers Mrs. Maureen said to me. “Bad girls are loud, they talk too much and they scare people away.” I was never going to be a bad girl. I was going to be a very good girl so I never spoke up in class. I sat at the back, never answered questions in class, never spoke to my classmates especially boys (Mrs. Maureen said only bad girls talk to boys or like them), never wanted to be seen and I always worked… Keep Reading

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