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Minnesota Twins: Buyers or Sellers?

The number 7 represents how many years it has been since the Twins have made the postseason. The number 7 represents how many games the Twins are behind the first place Cleveland Indians as of Sunday July 30, 2017. The Twins have been hovering around the .500 mark all season and right behind the Indians for first place in the Central Division. The Pitching rotation has been a major problem for the Twins over this postseason drought as they have struggled to put together a solid rotation through free agency or in the draft. However, this season Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios have been the heart of the Twins’ rotation and have been a major reason why the Twins are in the hunt for the post season. With the trade deadline coming up on Monday July 31st, 2017, the Minnesota Twins made some moves in which it looked they were… Keep Reading


Digital Journalism brings change for University Chronicle

Journalism today is nothing like it was a century ago. With fewer print publications and digital media at full force, everyone needs to adapt to stay in the game, or hopefully, ahead of it. College publications aren’t any different – so when I was hired on to be the next Editor in Chief of the University Chronicle, I knew it was time for the fully-digital transition, and I knew I had to be the one to lead it. I come from a background in online content creation – from social media managing to freelance writing and blogging to website design and photo editing. Some may be surprised to hear, but I actually love print-journalism and everything it encompasses. The nostalgia of opening up a print newspaper, flipping through the pages of National Geographic magazines, feeling the glossy paper from an old 35mm black and white photo that was taken decades before…my mind instantly wraps itself… Keep Reading


Special Elections: Definitely Need to Pay Attention

Two weeks ago, in the Kansas 4th Congressional District, a Democrat came within seven points of winning. This week, Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly avoided winning outright in the jungle primary for the 6th Congressional District in Georgia, getting 48.1% of the vote. I’m sure you’re wondering what the point is. That’s an excellent question, and with President Trump in office, one that deserves our attention. The president’s party almost always loses seats in the midterm elections. That’s one of the closest things to an iron law we have in American politics. In the last 95 years, there have only been two midterm elections where the president’s party has gained seats: 2002 and 1926. Not even FDR or Reagan were immune to this. The reason why I singled out those two elections, outside from the fact that they are the first ones this year, is the degree of competitiveness in ruby-red… Keep Reading


Free speech is under assault in Minnesota

In civics and history classes in our Republic, we hear the same stories so much that some of us just tune out completely, we end up forgetting things. As for myself, I lapped it all up. Civics, history, political theory, the question of citizenship, all of those are like drugs to me. I recently purchased a copy of the Federalist Papers, which I know will relegate me to “nerdy political junkie” status for the rest of my life, and I am more than happy to own up to it. In those same stories we hear, the buildup to the Revolution goes something like this: King George taxes the colonists. Colonists say “no taxation without representation.” King George and Prime Minister North said, “eat my shorts” and enacted the Intolerable Acts. Boston Massacre. Lexington and Concord. Bunker Hill. War. Declaration of Independence. America wins, the end. What’s lost but so very… Keep Reading


DFL Leader Takes A Stand For Justice

Rep. Melissa Hortman has been garnering quite a few kudos from left-leaning publications, citizens of color groups, and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party over her comments a few weeks ago when she said (ironically) that she was, “sorry to break up the white male poker game.” The comment was made during a debate about the criminalization of free speech bill that Rep. Nick Zweras authored, which would permit police agencies to sue protesters to recover the costs of having officers stationed at a site. After a speech made by Rep. Ilhan Omar, Hortman noticed that several members of the Minnesota House were not in attendance. Rep. Bob Dettmer demanded that Hortman apologize, but she refused. Rather, she pointed out each and every woman of color that made a speech on the issue and stated that she was tired of seeing them ignored when the white men went to… Keep Reading


Choosing a Career Path

Choosing a career is not always easy. It is not easy to just flip a switch and magically know what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. It is rather a challenging task. It takes time, effort and deep research. I have a friend who started with computer science, changed to politics, then to business, then to marketing, then switched to communications and ended up in advertising. It took her a lot of time to realize what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. It took trying out a lot of majors. A lot. As a freshman, you are probably not looking for a major right away, you are most likely looking for how to make friends, where the parties are at (for most freshman students, not all), the fun things to do and so on. But a major? not yet. Freshman students would… Keep Reading


Editor in Chief send-off

Journalism and the industry around it have changed. We as a society have become more and more dependent on technology that will get us the news we want, faster and more personally than ever before. Does that mean that journalism itself is changing? I can truthfully say that here at the Chronicle, the basic principles of standards essential to journalism have not changed in the slightest. As I write this send-off, I recollect all of the great times I’ve experienced with so many exceptional human beings. Everything that I have learned about the 4th estate comes from the people that I have worked with here at the University Chronicle. The previous editor in chiefs helped to sculpt how I thought as a journalist and ultimately my attitude towards overseeing this incredible institution of journalistic endeavors. This industry has come to a cross roads, a challenge in which we may decide… Keep Reading


Time for SCSU to transition to a Self-Op

Good food, high quality for cost, and great management. These are things that would never be applied to Garvey Commons under Sudexo or Chartwells except on “Opposite Day.” I have an unlimited meal pass for Garvey, strictly because of convenience, and I can guarantee that I will not get it next year. I want to make this abundantly clear: I am not blaming the student workers at Garvey Commons. They have to put up with demanding student-customers, oppressive management, and doing the best they can under a lot of pressure. Failure begins at the top with on-site management and more often than not, it is the front-line workers who suffer. Secondly, I am not expecting a five-star, twelve-course meal. I am, however, expecting a reasonable quality of food. Part of the reason why I chose to purchase my meal plan at Garvey Commons was because of the big hype around… Keep Reading

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