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Health fair offers options for wellness

This Wednesday, April 20, the students of Health Event Planning (Health 425) hosted their annual health fair event. The Health Event Planning class is a senior level class for SCSU community health majors. Which, according to health professor Teresa Heck, is a somewhat broad major with most students going into public health, nonprofit work, or personal health and fitness. According to course professor Teresa Heck, this year’s fair featured over 35 different vendors, four different breakout sessions, and has now been student run for over ten years. “We want people to have an opportunity to learn about the different areas of health and have access to them, the whole idea is they can’t really sell anything but they can promote their products and services,” said Heck, commenting on why her class hosts the annual event. The diverse array of community vendors that were featured at the health fair included BLEND,… Keep Reading

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Election results show higher voter turnout, next year plans begin

A total of 641 ballots were counted for Student Government elections at St. Cloud State, showing an increase from last year, where there were only 307 total responses for presidential elections. There are 14,182 eligible voters on campus, which means that 4.52 percent of eligible voting students made it to the polls, according to a statement from Student Government. Even with the election results showing an increase, changes to Student Government’s Constitution can’t be made without at least 8 percent of the student body voting, explained Summer Vogl, president of the organization. That means the GPA increase for members of Student Government’s executive board won’t be enacted. But, this year’s turnout was still enough to appoint candidates to their positions for next year. The breakdown 361 votes (58.2%) went to Johnson-Olson 236 votes (38.1%) went to Mitchell-Kennedy 1 vote (.001%) went to Neuman-Maskey 22 votes (3.5%) went to no candidates For Senators At-Large… Keep Reading

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The Demolition of W.W. Holes Hall: Memories of the Past and Plans for the Future

W. W. Holes Hall, an nine-floor residential hall erected in 1965 at St. Cloud State University, is slotted for demolition this summer.  The physical demolition of the building will begin on June 1 with the process likely completed by the time students return in the fall, said Dan Pedersen, the director of Residential Life. “It’s a building that has over 34 million dollars in deferred maintenance.  It was identified to be too much money to put back into a 50-year-old building.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense and it would be putting money into a building design that’s not what the students want,” Pedersen said. A new building is not being added in place of the hall, but instead a green space featuring a landmark to honor the building will be put in place, which will give students more open space to relax on campus. Residential Life will be… Keep Reading

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SCSU takes third in regional cyber defense competition

SCSU took third in the Midwest Regional cyber defense competition that took place April 1st through 2nd. The competition occurred in three stages: state, regional and national, beginning as a statewide competition among universities and two-year colleges in certain states. Minnesota is one of the 10 states in the Midwest Regional competition, and each state in this region held its own state competition. The state competition was a single-day event beginning the morning of Feb. 27. Each college had an eight-student team that was given a network of computers to keep secure and running. St. Cloud’s team was guided by adviser Tirthankar Ghosh. A professional team of ethical hackers created the challenge, invading each team’s network. Every half an hour to an hour, teams were given a task to complete and were required to submit a report within a certain timeframe. The team that ended with the most points won the competition. The regional… Keep Reading

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Student Government election results

Student Government election polls closed Wednesday afternoon and anticipation was high for both candidates. The Johnson and Olson campaign won with 355 votes out of a total of 613 votes. The Mitchell and Kennedy campaign scored 236 votes. A recent poll taken by St. Cloud State students shows that 69 percent of students voted for the Johnson/Olson ballot while only 31 percent of students voted for the Mitchell/Kennedy campaign. This was the highest voter turnout in Student Government elections in the last five years. There were a lot of topics discussed by each party, looking to fix issues on campus such as budget cuts, student diversity and freshmen retention rates. For the past few years, retention rates at Minnesota state colleges and universities have been significantly low. This means that a lot of first-year students only stay one year before they decide to transfer or drop out. Going to college… Keep Reading

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Women on Wednesday guest speakers discuss sex-trafficking in MN

Imagine yourself trying to find a summer job to help pay off your college education. You and your friends find an ad online looking for “exotic dancers”. Your friends think it might be kind of a fun and rebellious idea to try and swing some cash. You go to apply, and next thing you know, you’re in someone else’s bed, with no idea where you are. Then you hear a voice bellow, “You’re going to be having sex with five to 10 people a day to make money.” This is exactly what happened to Vednita Carter, founder of Breaking Free, a non-profit organization that helps women who have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Carter and Joy Friedman, a personal consultant for Breaking Free, spoke at St. Cloud State University in the Atwood Little Theater for this week’s Women on Wednesday. They spoke about the danger of sex trafficking and what students can… Keep Reading

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Student Gov. candidates build platform on admin-student communication

For Mikaela Johnson, a junior at St. Cloud State and Student Government presidential candidate, politics is not exactly a new arena. “My brothers are super political. So I’m used to being around it and communicating very well in that kind of setting,” Johnson said. Johnson being comfortable communicating in a leadership position might not be hard to believe, considering her experience thus far at St. Cloud State. Aside from being the current Student Government vice president, she has been vice chair of the Technology Fee Committee, a campus intern for the Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) and is a CA at Mitchell Hall. Like many new students, when she was an incoming freshman, Johnson came to St. Cloud State with little knowledge about the school and the resources available to her. In her nearly three years here, opportunity and initiative have led her all the way to the Student Government vice… Keep Reading

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College senators hope to connect students, leading Student Govt.

Brandon Mitchell, a mechanical engineering major, said he wants to put a face back on Student Government. Having been apart of Student Government for a year now, Mitchell joined as a senator for the College of Science and Engineering. He begins his last year at St. Cloud State this coming fall, the same time he hopes to lead the organization as president. “I want students to relate, to feel connected,” Mitchell said. As a college senator, Mitchell meets with the dean of his college at least twice per semester. When it comes time to meet, he gathers input from professors and students and presents them to the dean to help work toward resolving issues around campus. But, there are still many things that Mitchell wants to see through during his time with Student Government. Now, running for president, he and his vice president running mate, Jordan Kennedy, a nursing major,… Keep Reading

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Student Gov. candidates discuss athletic cuts, diversity at 1st debate

The candidates for SCSU Student Government President and Vice President held their first debate Thursday, March 24, in Atwood’s Cascade room. Some of the key issues covered in the debate were the St. Cloud State budget crisis, student involvement and diversity. These issues were reflected in the presidential candidates’ answers to the first question, “What are three challenges St. Cloud State is facing right now?” “Dropping enrollment is leading to lower revenue,” said Brandon Mitchell, who is running for Student Government president. “We need to bring in more students and get alumni involved… The freshmen retention rate is terrible.” Mikaela Johnson, running for Student Government president, also identified freshmen retention rate as one of the main issues that needs addressing. One of her platforms is increased communication to new students about resources during the “Huskies First Four,” an initiative to help new students adjust to life at St. Cloud State. “Representation… Keep Reading

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