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The Appalachian Trail adventure with Alex Voigt

On Sept, 21, Alex Voigt snapped a picture of himself atop Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine. The picture was not only symbolic of the nine-hour hike Voigt took with his father that day, but marked the end of a more than six-month journey that began in Elk River, Minn. and ended here, at the northern end of the Appalachian Trail. When Voigt biked out of his father’s driveway in Elk River on April 7, with food and camping supplies strapped to his bike, there was no way of knowing what the next six months would hold for him. All he knew was he needed a change, an experience that would pull him out of a life that had started to seem static and uninspired. “I felt my life was stagnant,” Voigt said. “I felt there wasn’t much room in my job for personal growth. I felt that things… Keep Reading

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Conference speakers call climate change a social issue

Representatives of MN350, whose mission is to create a climate movement in MN through grassroots organizing and grass roots action, spoke at the Global Social Responsibility Conference recently. Patti O’Keefe and Andy Pearson both spoke at the seminar about climate change in Minnesota and the development of the movement. O’Keefe focused primarily on divestment work while Pearson works to try and stop the tar sands pipeline from being developed. The organization tries to accomplish these goals primarily by getting citizens involved in the process. “Most of the big changes that have ever happened in our history have come along with social movements. You don’t think about civil rights without the Civil Rights movement. You don’t think about women’s suffrage without that movement,” Pearson said. Pearson started off the seminar by giving a summary of the climate’s current condition and explaining the reason behind the name. “The 350 in the name… Keep Reading

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Ecology club promotes outdoor responsibility

With invasive species accounting for over $136 billion per year, SCSU Ecology clubs member informed the audience last Monday about invasive species and how to prevent them. In light of the Global Social Responsibility Conference, Devon Bowker, Ecology club president, said that stopping invasive species has grown into a global concern and responsibility. By finding various ways to enter new environments, he said that invasive species do not have borders, which includes Minnesota’s borders. Considered ‘non-native’ or ‘alien’ to an ecosystem, upon introduction invasive species can cause harm to the environment, economy and even human health. Invasive species can enter environments a number of ways, Bowker said. They can cross natural borders by firewood that’s not from the area or noncertified, along ships and fruit shipments and even domestic animals that have been released by the owner. After transport, invasive species establish themselves in their new environment, then moving to… Keep Reading

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Cafes bring people of different cultures together at SCSU

Many SCSU students are aware of the big cultural events that go on in the Atwood Ballroom occasionally, of which groups of international students get together and share about their culture. This typically includes performances in native dress, food, and music. But what happens for the smaller populations of international students who want to share their culture? Sponsored by the Student Government Association, the International Student Association (ISA) puts together an event called a Cultural Café. It is a free event that is open to all members of the St. Cloud community. This opportunity is very similar to the ballroom culture nights, but on a smaller scale. It allows for students to come and share a brief presentation on their country and culture, as well as offering some food from their country to those in attendance. Disappointed that you missed this week? Not to worry, Cultural Café takes place every… Keep Reading

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Sri Lanka facing ‘drastic’ effects from Climate Change

Iresha Herath Mudiyanselage, a mass communications graduate student at SCSU, spoke on Wednesday about the effects of climate change in Sri Lanka in the Alumni Room as a part of the Global Social Responsibility Conference. “Our Climate is changing rapidly all around the globe,” said Mudiyanselage. “The reason I am here is to educate you about what is happening in my country.” “Just like any other country, we have contributed, and are contributing, to the destruction of the planet,” she said. Since the 1980s, she said that Sri Lanka has “undergone rapid industrialization,” which has led to energy consumption tripling in the last three decades. Though Sri Lanka uses oil as a means of energy, with the last few years more and more people have been finding sustainable energy sources, including solar, wind and hydropower, she said. Sri Lanka is set on a national energy grid, but some of the… Keep Reading

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Ebola seminar increases awareness at SCSU

During the Global Social Responsibility Conference, an Ebola awareness presentation was taking place on campus. Alfreda Daniels, the founder and CEO of Talent Emergence International, and Emmanuel Oppong, the President of Talent Emergence International, conducted the presentation. The goal of the presentation was to bring awareness of the potential global pandemic happening in our country right now. Daniels and Oppong believe there are a lot of myths and speculations presently taking place with people believing everything they see in the media. They want to separate the facts from the myths and make people aware of what’s going on so people are not so scared and more aware. “Ebola is not just happening in Africa, Africa is a continent not a country. There are countries within West Africa that are affected by the virus and countries that are not affected,” Daniels said. Daniels and Oppong believe this is due to a… Keep Reading

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K-Street event helping students vote

Interested in getting out and exercising your rights as a United States citizen? Don’t forget to get out and vote Nov. 4. But, before making that vote, be sure to be aware of the candidates and where they stand on issues. An event called K-Street is occurring today, Nov. 3 in the Atwood Memorial Center from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is a free event organized by the Minnesota State Student Association through their ‘Get Out the Vote’ (GOTV) campaign, which is a non-partisan campaign to increase the number of voters. The event is designed to take place the day before the election in order to gain awareness for voting and provide students with information about candidates and issues going on today. They will be doing this by hosting the event within the Student Union of SCSU in Atwood. Political interest groups and others that want to bring representatives… Keep Reading

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Coalition counters hate

What began as an intention of a racist, hurtful rally against Muslim and Somali community members in St. Cloud turned into a positive, historical event on Oct. 25. The city of St. Cloud has one of the highest Somali populations in the United States, while some community members have been more welcoming that others, many were there to support in response to the hate rally. It all began on social media, when a hate group created a Facebook page promoting a rally against St. Cloud’s Muslim and Somali community members. No one could anticipate the reaction that followed, as people formed together to support St. Cloud’s diverse community. In response to the hate group, a new group formed that promoted a very different message: Unity. The ‘We are One 4 Social Justice Coalition’ first formed Oct. 2, as a group of students and administration members from SCSU, St. Bens, St.… Keep Reading

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Husky Kickoff BBQ welcomes freshmen to campus

Beautiful weather was embraced at the Husky Kickoff BBQ in the Atwood Mall this Saturday. Free burgers, brats, and other foods were served to SCSU students as they sat outside and watched singer/songwriter Jason LeVasseur perform acoustic songs and set the mood for a cloudless September day. The event was organized by the University Program Board. Music and variety coordinator Daniela Blanton said this event was held to welcome freshmen to campus. Blanton said the music and variety committee worked in conjunction with the Husky Kickoff committee to put on the barbecue. “We’re here to enjoy ourselves while we’re young,” Blanton said in regards to the free campus events that UPB organizes. Freshman Dana Netteberg attended the barbecue and said she likes going to campus events because most of them are free to attend, there’s free food, and she likes meeting new people. The music and variety committee are responsible… Keep Reading

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