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New GOP Healthcare Bill: what you need to know

As Donald Trump once said: “No one knew health care could be this complicated.” For many American’s, that’s exactly the case. With the new Republican healthcare bill in an intense evaluation, millions of Americans could see major cuts to their health insurance for those under Obamacare. But what exactly is in the new healthcare bill proposed by the Republicans in Congress? The University Chronicle decided to break down the facts, determine who the winners and losers are and weigh the positives and negatives of the legislation. What exactly is the bill? After months of speculation, minor outlines of The American Healthcare Act were released to the public in early March, details showed the bill would roll back on the expansion of Medicaid, and decrease the amount the government spends on public healthcare. Republicans plan to provide funding for health services through refundable tax credits if health insurance isn’t offered by… Keep Reading


Standout Medical Student Inspires Others on Campus

In her freshman year at St. Cloud State, Katie Schimnich jumped into campus with two feet and never slowed down her ambitions. The St. Cloud native and Sauk Rapids high school graduate enrolled in St. Cloud State as an honors student after having toured a variety of other colleges. She chose to be a Husky because she valued the campuses large population and small class sizes for honors students. But she came admittedly wondering the same thing many students do, “what do I do with my life?” By utilizing the career center and her professors, who she felt were very open and willing to help her, Schimnich forged her way down a successful path at SCSU. Today, the Biotechnology and Medical Laboratory Science double major is involved in a wide variety of activities on campus. She participates in the Medical Professions Association, Honors Club, and SCSU’s newly formed Lions Club.… Keep Reading


Chartwells Dining Faces Tough Transitions on Campus

  Over the past year, Atwood has seen changes to its dining options because of a transition in food-providers. With Sodexo no longer  the campus’s primary dining service due to an expiration of contracts, Chartwells is now the service provider and according to Mitch Karstens, executive director of Atwood Memorial Center, more changes are in the works. “The second phase will be renovating the area where Burrito Bowl, Frëshens and Chef Jet are, but we’re not quite sure what that will be yet,” Karstens said. Students were enthused with the addition of Erberts and Gerberts Subs and Chick-Fil-A to the main floor, and a Denny’s Den in the basement. However, these changes have not been easy for student consumers or Chartwells management. Multiple complaints from students show that service is slow, workers are unprepared and food quality is poor. “I had slow, bad service at The Den in Atwood. I… Keep Reading


50 Shades of What Are You Thinking?

The Fifty Shades of Grey series has its premise on a billionaire businessman, Damien Grey, and his “special friend,” Anastasia Steele having a BDSM relationship with each other, which some back story about Grey’s past to make it more than just a sex novel. Make no mistake: the only “romance” in this novel is the fact that Grey is a billionaire. If it was based in a trailer park, it would be a Criminal Minds episode. Come to think about it, there probably are a couple episodes with a similar premise. The real effect of the Fifty Shades series is bringing rape culture out of the shadows, not to be discussed and condemned, but glorified. It is disgusting and morally reprehensible. Relevant Magazine wrote an excellent article when the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie was released detailing all the stalking, abuse, coercion, and flat-out dehumanizing episodes in it. None… Keep Reading


What’s going on with the Boy Scouts?

To many, the Boy Scouts is quaint organization that puts a premium of values like personal responsibility, citizenship, integrity, leadership, cooperation, and teamwork. What you may not know is that I am an Eagle Scout, something less than 5 percent of all Boy Scouts since 1912 have earned. Added to that, I have one bronze, one gold, and one silver Eagle Palm for having earned merit badges beyond what was required for Eagle. Over the last several years, the Boy Scouts have had some fairly negative reactions due to their exclusion of gay and atheist Scouts and Scoutmasters, which has been changed for gay Scouts and adult Scouters since 2015. There have been several challenges to the Boy Scouts of America’s membership rules, but what it boils down to is this: the BSA is a private institution and can define membership requirements as it sees fit. The most recent policy… Keep Reading


The NBA trade deadline: an absolute whirlwind

In the world of professional sports, trade deadlines can be very exciting – or disappointing. This year’s NBA trade deadline had some of both. With eleven trades being announced in the last week, alongside many rumored trades that didn’t end up happening, there’s plenty to discuss and look forward to. The first, and perhaps biggest trade of deadline week saw superstar Sacramento King’s center DeMarcus Cousins get traded along with Omri Cassipi to the New Orleans Pelicans for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, a first and a second-round pick. Almost unanimously, NBA fans and experts believe the Pelicans made out like bandits in this exchange. Fox Sports NBA writer Andrew Lynch gave the Kings an ‘F’ grade for the trade, and subsequently gave the Pelicans an ‘A+’. This trade pairs Cousins with one of the best power forwards in the league, Anthony Davis, creating an exciting tandem that some… Keep Reading


Spring Break provides obstacle for some International Students

For many St. Cloud State students, the week long break in March is a much appreciated opportunity to unwind. It’s during this time that many students seize the opportunity to travel to warmer climates, work more hours, visit family, or simply participate in hobbies they enjoy. However, this year’s spring break possess even more issues for international students than in the past. Similar to previous years, on campus dining is extremely limited with Coffee and Bagels being open from 8 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. and Erberts and Gerberts being open from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. from Monday Mar. 6 through Friday Mar. 10. Also, according to the SCSU website, all Atwood dining services will be closed Mar. 4, 5 and 11. With dorms also closed for all students besides those in the international program, the week could prove to be a lonely affair. “I don’t have a plan for spring… Keep Reading


Donuts & Dialogue: Q&A with President Vaidya

On Wednesday, February 22, St. Cloud State held an event called, Donuts & Dialogue in Atwood Memorial Center. The event was open to the student body and interim President Ashish Vaidya held an open Q&A where students could ask any questions they had or raise any issue about SCSU while being treated to some delicious donuts. President Vaidya started off by asking the crowd a question. “Why did you all choose St. Cloud? How is it meeting expectations?” The answers ranged anywhere from affordable prices, being close to home, having the program the student desired, among other things. One student mentioned they were unhappy with the lack of communication in the honors program. President Vaidya was not happy to hear this. “We want everything here to be easy,” he remarked. “Except for the classes,” he said to a room full of laughter. The students then kicked it off by asking some questions. One student… Keep Reading

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