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Students express conflicts regarding off-campus housing

At St. Cloud State, most students move from the dorms to apartments or houses after their first year on campus, often facing the challenges that come with being a first time renter. A number of rental properties benefit from the amount of students who transfer into these kinds of living arrangements as it brings these businesses into the campus community. However, some students have run into minor conflicts when it comes to off-campus residency. Some of the issues mentioned from a variety of renters include mold, broken utilities and strict deadlines for late rental policies. The students the University Chronicle interviewed asked to remain anonymous in order to not receive backlash from current or previous renters. One anonymous student that rents from Charlamain Apartments near Hallenbeck said: “We moved in on June 1st and realized there was a broken smoke detector, then we realized there was black mold under the… Keep Reading


Family and friends of Jesse Dady gather in mourning

A day after the discovery of St. Cloud State University student Jesse Dady’s body was found in the Mississippi river, students family and friends of the deceased boy gathered in the Atwood Mall to cope with their losses. As people gathered, candles were lit, prayers were given and memories reminisced. A number of speeches were given by Jesse’s friends, President Vaidya, Student Government President Mikaela Johnson and one of his professors. “This is a very sad day for SCSU and the campus community,” said President Vaidya. “I think after the news broke of his body being found in the river, there was just a need for people to connect.” Jesse’s parents also spoke on behalf of their son, saying he had a huge heart and a lot of love to give. “I don’t have words for how deeply I loved him,” his mother said. Jesse’s friends said he was very… Keep Reading


Student Government gains new president, faces challenges ahead

On March 23, 2017, the Student Government at Saint Cloud State University held their presidential debate for their election. This year’s election pitted presidential candidate, Jack O’Neil Como and his running mate, Kayla Shelly against fellow candidate, Kridish Uprety and his running mate, Abbe Holm. The debate was held at the Cascade Room in front of a big crowd in the Atwood Memorial Center. The debate started with questions requiring the candidates to reflect on their strengths relating to the position, as well as how they will deal with various conflicts that come up during their potential presidencies. When asked what the greatest thing about Student Government is, all four of the candidates said they like being voices of the students. Each candidate discussed their experience; O’Neil-Como had been a chair, and was on the Tech Fee Committee, while Uprety was a senator. For the vice presidential candidates, Holm was… Keep Reading


Body found in Mississippi River believed to be Jesse Dady

Stearns County divers found a body in the Mississippi River just after 6 p.m. on Friday evening, officials stated. The body is believed to be of 21-year-old missing St. Cloud State University student, Jesse Dady. Officials said the confirmation will come forth after the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office completes the autopsy. Dady was last seen at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 25 leaving the downtown St. Cloud area. On March 29, St. Cloud Police Investigators obtained surveillance video which showed Dady walking east onto the railroad bridge over the Mississippi River, which is not meant for pedestrians to walk over as it is dangerous and has no rails on either side. One-third of the way over the bridge, the footage shows Dady no longer being seen. Due to the darkness and graininess of the video, it was not certain what happened to Dady, according to St. Cloud Police Chief,… Keep Reading


Winners and losers of the NHL trade deadline

As March approaches most NHL fans are focused on playoffs right around the corner, beginning in April.  Some eagerly check the standings repeatedly, praying their team sneaks into the playoff picture. Other, more fortunate, fans sit back and relax as they watch their team maintain steady positioning in the playoff race. But before the highly anticipated post season can make its appearance, fans must come to terms with the fact they could see a favorite player come or go as the trade deadline approaches. As appealing as a trade may look on paper, the true test of success comes with re-evaluation on how the players mesh with their new teammates. Many teams must face the fact that the trade was not as beneficial as originally hoped, while other teams have the pleasure of watching a new team member flourish in their system. March 1st brought all the pop and circumstance… Keep Reading


SCSU Student Missing

In a release from Public Safety Sunday morning, authorities are requesting the St. Cloud State campus and the public’s help to locate Jesse Dady, who was reported missing on Saturday evening. According to St. Cloud Police, there is a video of Dady walking alone northbound on Fifth Avenue North crossing Fifth Street North. Dady is a white male, approximately 6 feet tall weighing 150 pounds with blonde hair and hazel eyes. According to the report, he was last seen wearing blue jeans and a blaze orange hat. The report also mentions there is no foul-play noted at this time. The University Chronicle will keep you updated as more information develops.   Keep Reading


Freshman on campus express loneliness in dorms

For some, entering college can be a life-changing and exciting experience, but for others, the transition is difficult, challenging and distressful – students often enter postsecondary education feeling lonely and isolated as their sense of self changes in a new atmosphere. Katherine Jackson, Residence Hall Director at SCSU, mentions that change is tougher for some students, especially when they’re reshaping their identity. “I think it’s really hard for any 17 or 18-year-old when they come to college because you have just left this friend group that you’ve had your whole life, like you grew up with them and now you’re in this residence hall with people of all different backgrounds with different types of expectations.” In a world where society is more connected than ever with the likes of social media outlets such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, FaceTime etc. first-year students don’t seem to be living in the moment.… Keep Reading


Student Government Election Fast Approaching

This spring brings about another Student Government Presidential Election, and an opportunity for students voices to be heard. The election last spring saw 640 students cast their ballots, twice as many as 2015. With the contest being held March 27-29th, Student Government hopes to once again see a high turnout. Johnson will be departing her office and not running for re-election this year as she only has one semester left before graduation. “There has been a lot better communication this year,” Johnson said. “I was very open about my work with the administration and opened it up to anyone interested.” Johnson says she believes this process of openness helped members have the passion and drive to achieve the things they wanted in office. Johnson says the best part about being a Husky was the connections she has made as a student on campus. “I have learned so much out of the… Keep Reading

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