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Student athletes respond to national anthem protests

The First Amendment is one many Americans hold near and dear, but with members of the NFL and other sports organizations protesting the National Anthem, the limits of what people deem as appropriate have been tested significantly. The conflict is so widespread that it’s even reaching college campuses, including St. Cloud State University. On Wednesday, student-athletes met with Interim President Ashish Vaidya, coaches, and other administrators, to discuss the recent events and talk about what the University can and cannot let them do. Since SCSU is a public institution, the university is not allowed to punish students for sitting or linking arms during the national anthem and says if they choose to do so, they will support them in their efforts. However, some coaches want their players to take into consideration why they are protesting and how it might make some of their loyal fans feel. But for most of the athletes, it… Keep Reading


MNSCU to waive college app fees for month of October

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are planning to drop application fees from October 23rd-27th in part of a national movement to support of College Knowledge Month. “Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are the most affordable and accessible in higher education,” said MnSCU Interim Chancellor Devinder Malhorta. “There has never been a better time to explore the many school program choices offered by the Minnesota State Campuses. I encourage all high school seniors, and anyone else considering how education can shape their future, to contact our colleges and universities to learn more about preparing for and embarking on their transformational path.” They also mention the schools waive fees for low-income students and those who serve in the military. MnSCU plans to do this for all of its institutions including both State Colleges and Universities. For more questions and information you can contact any school in the MnSCU system or visit their… Keep Reading

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How 90 Minutes of no power made its impact on St. Cloud State University 

On Friday, September 22 at approximately 8:14 a.m., electrical power at St. Cloud State University and other parts of St. Cloud had failed. Xcel Energy, the local electric company, had shared exactly what went wrong that morning. “The failure was due to the splice of a wire,” stated a repair representative from the company. “That one wire and overall equipment failure had caused 1,900 customers of Xcel Energy to lose power.” Even though the incident did not last long – an hour and a half to be exact – it still caused some serious effects that occurred on campus. Staff at the Department of Residential Life were quick to act, making sure all of the residential halls were as functional as possible. Action by staff in each hall was taking place the moment the lights started to flicker on and off. Hall Directors and Community Advisors had reported immediately to… Keep Reading


Are the new iPhones worth the price? SCSU students weigh in

The new iPhone has been getting a lot of attention on social media. However, many are asking if we really need another one? Apple is well known for releasing new mobile devices frequently, which makes consumers desire to have the latest and greatest knick-knack. For college students, having one may seem enchanting, but for some, it’s not practical – especially when it comes down to the cost. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch display and starts at $699, while the iPhone 8 plus, which has a 5.5-inch display, starts at $799.  The University Chronicle took a survey of approximately 60 students to gain their perspective on whether they think buying the new device will be worth it or not. According to the data above, most respondents said they do not plan on buying the new iPhone and only 18.2 percent said they were planning on buying a new one, with… Keep Reading


Friend reflects on Tom Bearson’s passing

It was just three years ago this month Tom Bearson disappeared one Saturday night at North Dakota State University. For his friends and family, the wound still feels fresh as the longing for his presence continues. His death was ruled as a homicide and many are still looking for answers, but the investigation is a ghost in the closet, with many being kept in the dark. He was a friend, an athlete, and a son. As for now, Tom’s loved ones reflect on their time with him, remembering his friendliness and good spirits. SCSU student TJ Beavans was one of Tom’s best friends and while he may be gone, he reminisces about all the qualities that Tom had. “He was charismatic, outgoing, he was really outspoken, opinionated, but you know just all around a good person,” Beavans said. He also said there’s not a moment where he doesn’t miss him.… Keep Reading


Breaking: Power outages on SCSU campus

Students and faculty were alerted Friday, Sept. 22 at 8:14 a.m. via SCSU’s Star Alert system that power is out at several locations on campus and that facilities are working to restore the outages. Another alert came at 8:24 am stating that 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. classes will be canceled today due to the power outages. The cause of the outages remains unknown. Xcel Energy has crews working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible and reported that 1,928 customers are impacted by the outage, showing specifically the area impact being St. Cloud State University’s campus. The University has stated they are continuing to work on the situation and will provide more updates to the public when information is available. Update at 9:01 a.m.: Garvey Commons remains open for students. Update: 9:14 a.m.: Classes at SCSU will resume at noon today. Update at 1:48 p.m.: Facilities are… Keep Reading


Hurricane Harvey: How JJ Watt recruited the sports world to help disaster victims

J.J. Watt announced his fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts on Aug. 27, since then he has raised more than $29 million. Hurricane Harvey’s effects have been catastrophic to the city of Houston, and have triggered flash flooding in parts of Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Parts of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas have received 40-50 inches of rainfall. After witnessing the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, Watt, an NFL player for the Houston Texans, went to Twitter to announce his fundraising page for Hurricane Harvey, declaring an initial goal of $200K. Within two hours, Watt announced that the goal had been met and then raised the goal to $500K, which was raised in under 24 hours. The goal has since been raised again and again, as million-dollar donations have started to become a regular thing. Watt is considered one of the most popular athletes, not in just football, but in… Keep Reading


Protest at Granite City Baptist Church brings out tensions on both sides

A meeting at Granite City Baptist Church regarding the Muslim faith sparked passion and outrage on both sides present during Thursday evening’s combined presentation and protest, taking part in a national debate about religious identity. Shahram Hadian, a well-renowned pastor from Washington state known for his teachings in which Christianity and Isalm are not similar faiths, preaching Muslims should adopt the Christian Doctrine, hosted the event, giving a speech to the congregation. He firmly believes Muslims need to turn to Jesus to “be saved” and “repent,” even mentioning he believes some churches within his congregation have been “led astray” by normalizing this type of relationship. Hadian claims he left Iran in 1978 just before the Islamic Revolution that brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power, bringing Sharia Law. During part of his presentation, he took out a legal book about Sharia Law, which he said the law wasn’t good anymore and that… Keep Reading


Rough summer construction on 5th Avenue impacts businesses

Businesses on 5th are always booming during the academic year, but when construction began on the street in early June, bars and restaurants saw their bottom lines tank. Ever since, it’s been difficult for people to drive around the area and get to their destination comfortably. This is not fun for people who want to go out for a night on the town or a lunch break during the work week, as many don’t like to walk on unpaved and uneven sidewalks. And of course, huge manholes. Brandon Testa, owner of House of Pizza stated that throughout the course of the summer, “we had a massive hole out here for the majority of the time.” House of Pizza is an independent shop run by Testa – he owns a few others nearby. For a company like his, he feels the burden of the construction more than a corporate company would.… Keep Reading

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