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Past and present of JP Network celebrated at Japan Night

Diversity was celebrated as the SCSU’s JP Network, a social networking group, marked an important milestone at its ninth annual Japan Night in the Atwood Ballroom Saturday night. The title of this year’s Japan night was “Ryuugakusei,” which translates to foreign exchange student. The group aims at teaching members about Japanese and American culture, according to group’s website. The event featured a play that incorporated music, dance, fashion, and the experience of being a foreign exchange student making new friends in Minnesota. The play was about a high school junior from Japan who moves to Minnesota as part of a foreign exchange program. As he makes new friends, he shows them the many different aspects of Japanese culture. “Bowing and dance is different from my country,” said electrical engineering student Syntyche Koumaglo. Towards the beginning of the night, a video was shown that demonstrated the many different forms of bowing, which… Keep Reading

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SCSU alumnus makes a difference, one mile at a time

The roadblocks David Christof has endured through his long distance runs are nothing compared to the perils affecting those he is running for. Thursday night, SCSU welcomed back an alum that has accomplished challenging feats with a mission to fundraise and raise awareness to the issue of safe drinking water. Originally from the Czech Republic, Christof graduated from St. Cloud State University with his master’s degree in 2005. From there he began his first job at Ohio University as a Hall Director. It was there that he saw an advertisement from his running club that was looking for athletes to run around the world for the cause of safe drinking water — a problem Christof knew little about at the time. After completing the interview process, it was in 2007 Christof learned he was chosen to run around the world, a decision that would later change the course of his life.… Keep Reading

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Zimmerman discusses the “Blackfish” documentary

The “Blackfish Movement” reached St. Cloud State University this past Wednesday at Ritsche auditorium when Tim Zimmerman, co-producer of “Blackfish,” arrived to speak about SeaWorld, animal captivity and societal compassion towards animals internationally and in the United States. Zimmerman began his journey on killer whales in captivity long before “Blackfish” had become what it is today. Zimmerman establishes himself as a writer and journalist more than a producer, considering his background as a senior editor and diplomatic correspondent for U.S. News and World Report. Though he was focused on U.S. foreign policy and international diplomacy, he was not bound to them. He furthered his journalistic abilities to a wide array of topics including sailing, diving and eventually to the topic of SeaWorld and the animal regiment that the marine park implements. Zimmerman mentioned during his presentation that when digging for a story about a specific topic, a journalist can end… Keep Reading

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Power in Diversity Conference joins people statewide

St. Cloud State hosted its 6th annual Power in Diversity Leadership Conference, which started Thursday night and ended Sunday morning, featuring a variety of events, workshops, and keynote speakers that kept the schedule for the conference full. Managed by Multicultural Student Services, the conference was put on to provide students of color, and underrepresented students, with opportunities for personal growth and leadership development. Students and faculty came for the conference from around the region including the University of Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota State University, Winona State University, College of St. Benedict and St. Johns University. The theme for this year’s conference was “Remembering the Sixties While Charting the Future,” which seems to resonate the idea, while recently social justice improvements have been made, there is a lot more work to be done. This notion seems to follow the trend of recent events, which have been bringing race relations back into conversation,… Keep Reading


SCSU’s Naasz takes home fourth overall at Crashed Ice

An estimated 140,000 spectators crowded together on slippery, muddy grounds Saturday night to watch as the top Ice Cross Downhill athletes raced for a winning spot in this year’s Red Bull Crashed Ice event in St. Paul. People were already securing their spots near the boards around 4 p.m. The Crashed Ice finals consisted of the top 64 men and top 16 women Ice Cross Downhill athletes battling for a place on the podium. Starting at 6:45 p.m., the first heat of the women’s quarter finals was underway. Before heading into the heats, LaTasha Lee, Red Bull sounds select performer, sang the national anthem. Standing anywhere near the event that night, one could see the red glow from the fireworks way over head, and the cheering and banging on the sideboards from the crowd. After Lee’s performance, the first race got underway. Four athletes from the US, Russia and Finland… Keep Reading

Red Bull rider prepares for Crashed Ice

Focused on the upcoming Crashed Ice event in St. Paul this January, Cameron Naasz, international Red Bull rider, is getting ready for another world tour with Red Bull’s Team USA. With his sights set, Naasz began training intensively for the event, Jan. 17, just over a month ago. He said that he keeps in shape year round, staying fit for Crashed Ice, but now he’s “religious” about getting to the gym every day. “I say it every year. I’d love to win the event in St. Paul. It’s definitely what I’m shooting for; not second, not third, but first place,” Naasz said. “I’ve come in third place two years in a row now.” Working with a personal trainer in Minneapolis, he said that he’s been doing a lot of legwork, and “fast-twitch muscle work” to help build his endurance and to get in shape for the event. “I’m really just… Keep Reading

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Traveling tips for the winter

As winter break approaches, the opportunity for traveling comes with it. Whether shipping off to Europe or doing some winter camping, here are a few travel tips to ensure a positive winter travel experience. Make a plan Planning travel details can be a great way for travelers to stick to a schedule, especially for short trips. Travel books can be a great resource in planning your travels and serve as a great idea-starter. Providing lodging information, maps and top sites to see, books are definitely a travelers tool-of-choice. They can be a great asset for getting you out of sticky situations, especially missed train connections and unsafe areas. Though a plan is important, especially for flights, following an itinerary can be a disappointment; you can’t always see everything you want to see. Making a list of the top three sites-to-see will be a good way to avoid disappointments. Lets face… Keep Reading

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Key issues highlighted at Africa Night

“Africans united can never be defeated. Every human being in here is an African, because the continent is your mother. Being an African is sequentially being human. Africans are of all colors, as homosapiens originated from Africa,” said Dr. Tamrat Tedeme, a speaker at Africa Night. This Saturday, Dec. 6, was a night for culture and unity at the campus of St. Cloud State University through Africa Night. This date marked the 20th anniversary of the event, which was put on through African Student Association (ASA). The event was hosted in the Atwood Ballroom, which was filled with students and community members. A team of public safety officers surrounded the area to ensure the public’s safety with such large numbers in attendance of the event. The atmosphere in the ballroom was composed of energy and excitement as the cultural program began with an overview of the countries in Africa, including… Keep Reading

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Global-mindedness celebrated at award ceremony

The fall semester graduation ceremony isn’t until Dec. 21, but another graduation ceremony occurred in the Granite room in Atwood Memorial Center this Thursday. The Global Leadership Academy at SCSU held a ceremony honoring the semester’s graduates, faculty and sponsors of the academy. The ceremony was led by the academy director and communication studies professor, Bassey Eyo. The keynote speaker, academy graduate Molly Lou Pintok, was unable to attend the ceremony, but Eyo spent the ceremony awarding plaques to SCSU faculty Mikhail Blinnikov and Kikuko Omori. Both Blinnikov and Omori gave brief speeches about the academy and being global leaders. Blinnikov said that being international isn’t necessarily the same as being global, and vice versa. Omori said that no matter how knowledgeable a person is on the world, or if they are multilingual, there is “no reason to get off the path.” Eyo also awarded plaques to the academy’s sponsors,… Keep Reading

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