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Demonstrators stay heated during Super Bowl protest, march in sub-zero temperatures

Despite below zero temperatures, demonstrators marched for over three hours through Minneapolis on Sunday to protest, what they say, is police brutality and corporate greed. The protest was organized by over 20 twin cities social justice organizations that merged together into the “Super Bowl Anti-Racist & Anti-Corporate Coalition.” According to the group’s Facebook page, the protest was not just against “racist police brutality and the sell out of our city to greedy NFL owners and corporate sponsors,” but in support of athletes who took a knee this year – both professional and school-age. “We’re here to speak out for justice in general,” said Jess Sundin, a member of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar, “[We’re here] to demand an end to police violence in our communities and to say no to the giveaway of our city to the rich visitors from out of town,” Sundin added. Jamar Clark… Keep Reading


“Wall” removed, prompting College Republicans president to resign

After what was often emotionally charged, speeches and discussion, the College Republicans of St. Cloud State University (SCSU) agreed to take down the infamous “wall” that led to protests and anxiety from St. Cloud State students. During the weekly student government meeting Thursday, Feb. 1, multiple students voiced their concerns about the “wall” after a flyer that was posted around Atwood asking students to come to the meeting if the College Republicans “wall” that was displayed in Atwood made them uncomfortable. “Hatred has infiltrated St. Cloud State,” said Matt Hubert, a student at SCSU, speaking during the open forum. Hubert also voiced frustration about perceived inaction by the student government and the school administration, a common theme Thursday night. “The worst part is that we allow it to happen. That is the worst part. The institution allows it to happen. Student government allows it to happen. The people allow it… Keep Reading


SCSU College Republicans build a wall in Atwood, stirring a protest among students

Dozens of St. Cloud State University students crowded around a brightly lit display case on the second-floor of Atwood, late Wednesday afternoon. To some students, what laid behind the glass was an act of free speech – to others, it was hate speech. The SCSU College Republicans organization had white boxes out on their table at Sidestreet, welcoming their members to draw political expressions on them, stating they would be displayed later on in Atwood. “This is to promote our organization, not the exact opinions of our members,” Vice President, Carson Grand said. “We don’t necessarily agree with all of the opinions.” Many of the boxes show opposition to the LGBTQ community and immigration, including phrases such as “LGBT – Liberty Guns Brews Trump,” “Marriage is between a man and a woman! Support traditional marriage!” and “Legal Immigrants Welcome!” with more than one box including the words, “Trump Train,” and… Keep Reading


Anti-Porn Protest is Anticlimactic

Protesters held a demonstration against the pornography industry in downtown St. Cloud on Friday, Jan. 26, saying that the industry exploits women and is fueled by human trafficking. Members and supporters of the event stood on the sidewalks along Hwy 23 and 5th Avenue holding signs condemning the $15 billion a year industry with maxims like, “She doesn’t like it. She is paid to smile,” and “Honk if you hate porn.” The Central Minnesota Sexual Assault Center (CMSAC) and the Women’s Center of St. Cloud State University (SCSU) both sponsored the event. “We wanted to raise awareness of one of the forms of trafficking that is completely legal and very much normalized,” said CMSAC Trafficking Services Coordinator, Rebecca Kotz. “We see that 70 percent of men are regularly using pornography and so there’s a hypocrisy when you’re pro-porn and against trafficking because pornography is videotaped trafficking.” According to a flyer… Keep Reading


University Chronicle places 1st in 5 categories at college journalism contest

Reporters, photographers, and editors at the University Chronicle won five first-place awards, six second-place awards and one third-place award at the Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA) College Better Newspaper Contest on Thursday, Jan. 25 in Bloomington. The College Better Newspaper Contest recognizes work among student journalists in a wide variety of categories with work published between Sept. 1, 2016, and August 31, 2017. The submissions were judged by the Illinois Press Association this year. Submissions were judged on various criteria based on each unique category, with comments often attached to the winning pieces, including for Best Website, “Many community newspapers could learn from the quality of this website.” The Website category was judged based on the quality of content, ease of navigation, visual design and layout, advertising and a gatekeeper’s role in the community. The Local Breaking News Coverage category was judged on excellence in reporting breaking news coverage within a… Keep Reading


Massive blizzard draws attention for road safety in Granite City

As the Minneapolis/St. Paul area got hit with a massive blizzard on Monday, St. Cloud has steered clear of the storm. However, local officials are saying citizens should still be taking precautions. “When snow freezes and packs down, it basically turns into a skating rink,” Public Works Asst. Street Supervisor, Frank Froelich said. According to a report from the Minnesota State Patrol, since early Tuesday morning, there have been 184 crashes, nearly 300 spinouts, and three semi-truck jackknifes which have created a variety of unsafe driving conditions. With many citizens in the Granite City commuting to the Twin Cities daily, people need to be aware of what’s coming their way. Lori Ellering, St. Cloud Police Department lieutenant of investigations said these types of accidents are quite common around this time of year, but luckily there’s plenty of ways to prevent them. The first one she mentions is leaving a little… Keep Reading


Jessica Kraus named Student Government VP

After the resignation of former Vice President Kayla Shelley, SCSU Student Government held an election for the office this past Thursday. Usually, the position would be filled by the President Pro Tempore – however, the current seatholder declined, so they had to use an alternative method. To fill a position held by Shelley for nine months, each chair nominated someone in Student Government for the position. The three who accepted the nomination include. “I had a few senators and chairs approach me, and I was definitely interested in the position,” said eventual winner Jessica Kraus. Although these candidates were not allowed to campaign within the office, they were allowed to talk to other students on campus. On election day, each candidate got approximately three minutes in front of the Senate to make their case for the position. Afterwards, the candidates were sent to the hallway so Student Government could discuss… Keep Reading


Hockey Day Minnesota brings high turnout

On Saturday, Jan. 20 the festivities for the eleventh annual Hockey Day Minnesota were held in St. Cloud to much fanfare as students and community members alike banned together for a common bond. Crowds occupied the stands most of the day and while it was “Hockey Day,” they all chanted ‘Skol’ in support of the Vikings game in Philadelphia happening the following day. For the nightcap, the slotted game was the Centennial Cougars facing-off against the Moorhead Spuds, as seats were packed to the brim. However, most people ended up looking at the jumbotron as there were not many seats available. A lack of seating resulted in people sitting in areas where views were obstructed; showing just how dedicated the fans really were. Outside the rink was a tiny fair-like village packed with food trucks and vendors where game-goers could buy food and beverages. Toward the end of the night,… Keep Reading


Photo Gallery: Hockey Day Minnesota

Hockey Day in Minnesota was held January 19 and 20 at Lake George in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Multiple games of hockey were played including local high schools, youth, alumni, SCSU men’s and women’s, and the Minnesota Wild. Families, friends, community members, students, and children attended the two day event. Chelsea BaumanTravel the world is the goal. Take pictures for a living is the job. Film memories and moments that will last a lifetime. Keep Reading

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