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House of the Dead: Home to careers and more

If you’re like me and spend more time indoors than taking in the (lack of) sun, you’ve likely been bored since the ball dropped to ring in the New Year. The Hollywood dump months have been held true to their fecal related name and have only released a handful of quality films to watch. John Wick’s return was stellar, while the new Rings movie made people recoil in horror for paying to see a bad movie. The way I see it, if I’m going to see a bad movie, it might as well cost only a dollar at the local pawn shop. Enter “The House of the Dead” and recoil in horror, for the movie may be low on price but not in schlock. John Wick’s return was stellar, while the new “Ring” movie made people recoil in horror for paying to see a bad movie. The way I see… Keep Reading


Get Out: Expect the unexpected

When I saw the trailer for Get Out, I was immediately intrigued, but ultimately, I came to the conclusion that it would likely be another cheap, typical horror flick. Two things changed my mind on this film: that its director is Jordan Peele of Key and Peele fame, and that it currently has an 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes by critics. Peele had never directed a movie before, but I’m a big fan of their show, so it made me excited to see what he could do in a movie. It’s also very rare to see a movie with so many unanimously good reviews, so I thought I’d go check it out. The premise of this movie shows a young black man, Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya), and his white girlfriend, Rose (played by Allison Williams) and their trip back to Rose’s house for the weekend. Chris had been worried… Keep Reading


New Gallery Concert Series visits SCSU

I was mildly curious about the concept for this New Gallery Concert Series. From what I read originally, this performance was going to be a mix of visual and musical artists. In my free time I have a hobby of making playlists that coincide with visualizers for the purpose of making a guided means of day dreaming; so a performance with this description piqued my curiosity. Having seen the show, I feel that I can say with absolute certainty that the performance was good, but felt like mishmash more often than I would have liked. Founded after the turn of the new millennium, the New Gallery Concert Series is a musical outfit dedicated to the purpose of performing compositions and featuring visual artists that are among the living. An interesting purpose, especially in the realms of musical and visual art; where the greats are still lauded many centuries after they… Keep Reading


John Wick Chapter 2: Bliss and bullets

I periodically mention in these reviews of how tired I am of modern filmmaking and the products they output. A good majority of the films that will release this year are sequels or are a part of an established franchise, and it’s honestly becoming tiresome to just keep seeing series just going on seemingly perpetually. That being said, if future entries into the John Wick series are just as enjoyable as the first and this second film I will be discussing, then I will be willing to start an exceptions list. For those who are unfamiliar with the plot of John Wick, let me give you the backstory of John Wick’s character before the first film’s events. John Wick was an extremely successful assassin who managed to do something unheard of in his occupation: retire. John married a woman named Helen and lived happily with her until death from an… Keep Reading


Big Sean’s I Decided: A new Sean Don

Big Sean is a rapper who has hit it big in the rap game with hits like, “Dance (A$$)”, “Clique”, “Blessings”, “I Don’t F*** With You” and many others. After the release of his last studio album, Dark Sky Paradise, which charted at number one on the U.S. charts, hopes were high for Sean’s new album. After much anticipation, the G.O.O.D. music rapper released his fourth album, I Decided, on February 3, 2017. As usual, he did not disappoint. Upon first listen through, the first songs that really jumped out at me were, “Bounce Back”, “No Favors” and “Sacrifices”. Each of these songs, like many others on the album, have very fluid, hard hitting beats. Sean, who is often accused of writing cheesy rap lyrics, brought great lyricism to these tracks. A line from the chorus of, “Bounce Back” that immediately jumped out at me was one that had very… Keep Reading


Fresh Thyme brings fresh taste to Saint Cloud

In the two years since the closure of big box retailer Kmart’s Second Street South location, three businesses have came to take over its old location in Waite Park. Late in 2016 sporting goods retailer Dicks as well as discount retailer Five Below opened their doors. Now grocery store Fresh Thyme joins them after their recent opening. Customers stood in line outside before 7 a.m. on the morning of January 25th for the store’s grand opening celebration. Many were enticed by the promise of a free bag of groceries for the first 250 customers to make a purchase. Since their grand opening, Fresh Thyme has became a popular destination for families and those looking for a healthy alternative to the pesticide grown fruits and vegetables of a conventional grocery store. Fresh Thyme’s mission is to provide customers with organic food at an affordable price while also providing a unique grocery… Keep Reading


Justice League Dark: Bland Magic

For a few people I knew, trying to dive into the lore of D.C. Comics without already being versed in some of its history was like diving into to an Olympic pool filled with concrete. You feel euphoric starting to fall into the material, but then your mind scatters once you hit the large chunks of lore that require prior knowledge. Having characters and histories that are as old as most of your grandparents made this a real problem for new readers; it felt like you needed to be a historian to follow some elements of D.C. plotlines. This was one of the reasons “The New 52” revamp was launched: to provide a fresh start for old and new readers alike. The New 52 wasn’t limited to the comics, and eventually became the main universe for DC animated films, such as Justice League Dark. Justice League Dark is an animated… Keep Reading

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Hidden Figures contains a hidden gem

In history, let alone in living memory, the Space Race is something that holds strong significance. The threat of Russian dominance, nukes, The Cold War and the capability of launching technology into space served as a representation of superiority. Hidden Figures focuses on three African American women who work for NASA and the important work that surrounds them. Which happens to be crunching the numbers on the math behind putting America’s first man into space. Katharine Goble (played by Taraji P. Henson), is hired on by the Space Task Group as their “computer,” to double-check all of the teams calculations. Her arrival is unexpected and unwelcome, with her co-workers staring at her for uncomfortable periods of time, and giving her a coffee pot labeled “coloreds.” Dorothy Vaughan (played by Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer), who helps NASA’s work with IBM machines, and Mary Jackson (played by singer/songwriter Janelle Monae), the first African… Keep Reading

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