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More Drake, more substance, more Life!

After announcing ‘More Life’ on his birthday back in October, Drake released one of the most highly anticipated projects of the year last Saturday. The 22-song project, which Drake has insisted on calling a playlist rather than an album, lived up to the hype and delivered what I believe will turn out to be one of Drake’s best projects when his career is said and done. ‘More Life’ uses instrumental styles from all around the globe. Drake has never been shy when it comes to singing or rapping about his personal life and his problems with relationships and trust issues. On this playlist, we see Drake at his most vulnerable state debatably since Take Care, while also delivering a plethora of bars in the process. Drake focuses on his prior strengths from past projects as well as incorporating a new, almost revolutionary style that, when it all comes together, gives… Keep Reading


Evolver: You will believe a man can fry

If you ever wanted to watch a film that embodies the essence of the late 80’s and early 90’s do I have a bad movie for you. It was a simpler time when virtual reality didn’t cost a new computer and $700, and people got away with wearing clothes from the abstract art collection. The movie of focus for this session of “Attack of the Bad Movie Stack” is “Evolver” a movie about love, high stakes laser tag, and brutal robot murder. “Evolver” starts with our protagonist, Kyle Baxter, playing the virtual arcade game “Evolver” and has drawn a crowd that surrounds him, not unlike people who excel at DDR back when arcades were still popular. Kyle has made it to the final stage and his friend is taking bets on whether he’ll survive. The lone vote against him is the school bully Dwight, who wins the pot with Kyle losing to… Keep Reading


‘Moonlight’: a Powerful Look at Identity

Understanding identity may be one of the most important battles that one confronts throughout life. Many films throughout time have touched on finding one’s identity, however, Moonlight deciphers this in an incredibly human way. Set in the ghettos of Miami, the story Moonlight follows a boy named Chiron in three different stages. Chiron, born to a crack addicted mother under harsh circumstances, finds it hard to fit within the society and community in which he lives. Throughout Chiron’s journey, he struggles with self-identity along with his sexual orientation. In part one of the story, Chiron befriends a young couple that takes him in as he needs. From this couple, he develops a sense of knowledge and self-respect. This relationship serves as the base for this young boy as he grows older in the last two stages. Director Barry Jenkins does an incredible job keeping all three parts incredibly distinct. This… Keep Reading


The Red Carpet rolls out for Psychostick

St. Patrick’s Day was quite a busy time for the nightlife of downtown St Cloud. It was my first real experience with the day’s celebrations in full swing, and I’ll tell you that it was interesting, to say the least. Never have I been asked so many random questions in a single night by people who collectively drank enough alcohol to take down an elephant herd. I can only imagine what the staff of the local bars had to deal with. It was admittedly difficult to stay relatively sober during the night’s events, but I had a mission. Psychostick, a band I’ve listened to since I was in middle school, was going to perform at the Red Carpet, and I was pretty excited. For the unaware, Psychostick is a comedy metal band who released their debut album in 2003 and have been playing silly metal ever since. One characteristic that… Keep Reading


‘Beauty and the Beast’ Enchants you into its Tale

Beauty and the Beast. A tale as old as time. Where to begin on explaining what is the beauty of one of my all time favorite Disney movies? My hopes were high for this movie, as my dream since I was a young girl has always been to end up with a man who can somehow give me a gorgeous library filled with thousands of books, in an enchanted, hidden castle in a far away land. (And no, I never bothered to ponder the realistic side of that dream.) As the lights dimmed in the theater and I saw the dark castle appear effortlessly on screen, I froze in anticipation. Awaiting the magic I knew was about to appear in front of my eyes. The 2017 live-action/digital-mix of “Beauty and the Beast,” directed by Bill Condon and starring Emma Watson (as Belle) and Dan Stevens (as Beast) leaves nothing short… Keep Reading

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“Logan” The Wolverine We Always Wanted

Both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give heartfelt, incredible performances in their last ones as Wolverine and Professor X. For every comic book loyal fan who has dreamt of one day watching a bloody, violent, “perfect” Wolverine movie, this delivers it and so much more. Giving old fans and new fans of the X-Men franchise a movie they can all enjoy – with an “R” rating no doubt.  In this film, we see a different Logan than we are used to seeing. The year 2029 has come and mutants have all but gone extinct. Logan is much older, a drunken mess, not healing the way we are used to seeing him heal, and the very thing (Adamantium) that makes him – is breaking him. Each scene Logan is in you can see the pain he endures. The discomfort that he feels. The anger that is boiling over – you can… Keep Reading


Nintendo Switch brings new era of gaming

Earlier this month Nintendo released the latest in gaming technology, their Nintendo Switch. The Switch is among the first of its kind, a console for your TV that can also function on the go as a portable handheld. The interesting new concept brings a fresh experience to the gaming market, but if Nintendo’s recent struggles with home consoles are anything of a concern, their experiments could prove to be troublesome. The Switch’s predecessor, the Wii U, was released just over four years ago in November 2012. Since then, Nintendo has been falling behind Microsoft and Sony in the console wars. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One have come to dominate the home console market with 50 million and 24 million units sold respectively according to TechRadar. Meanwhile, the Wii U sold just 13.56 million units according to the Nintendo website, despite releasing a year before the Xbox One and PS4.… Keep Reading


House of the Dead: Home to careers and more

If you’re like me and spend more time indoors than taking in the (lack of) sun, you’ve likely been bored since the ball dropped to ring in the New Year. The Hollywood dump months have been held true to their fecal related name and have only released a handful of quality films to watch. John Wick’s return was stellar, while the new Rings movie made people recoil in horror for paying to see a bad movie. The way I see it, if I’m going to see a bad movie, it might as well cost only a dollar at the local pawn shop. Enter “The House of the Dead” and recoil in horror, for the movie may be low on price but not in schlock. John Wick’s return was stellar, while the new “Ring” movie made people recoil in horror for paying to see a bad movie. The way I see… Keep Reading

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