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“Dumb and Dumber To”: same tired jokes, haggard attempt

Dumb and Dumber To:  Same tired jokes, and a very haggard attempt. Twenty years ago, we met Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn, a pair of dunces who drive an Econoline van covered in shag carpeting across the country, on an adventure that took them to Colorado and wackiness ensued.  Bobby and Peter Farrelly made a name for themselves, and Rhode Island, by breaking into the comedy movie scene with this gross-out movie that made over $120 million domestically and over $63 million on DVD.  This film was quite funny and showcased a young Jim Carrey getting his traction in the world of comedy feature films. Flash forward to last month’s reheated version of the same movie, it misses the mark by using the same tired old jokes.  It’s 20 years later and Lloyd is wallowing in his misery of the events from the last film, Harry comes and visits him… Keep Reading

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“Happy Christmas” proves perfect only for Netflix

Finals are looming close and with it students like myself are probably yearning for the comfort of a fuzzy blanket and some Netflix. Whether you take in this comfort now or wait until winter break, you might come across a new movie to Netflix titled “Happy Christmas”. Don’t be mislead by the title, you probably won’t feel happy after watching it. “Happy Christmas” is an indie film written and directed by Joe Swanberg, who also wrote and direct the 2013 sleeper indie “Drinking Buddies”. The film, which is set during the holiday season, was released on June 26 but its arrival to Netflix is perfect for this time of year. The film stars “Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick, who was also in “Drinking Buddies” as a selfish twenty something party girl who crashes at her brother (played by Swanberg) and sister-in-law’s kitschy Chicago house following a break up, with their… Keep Reading

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‘Highways’ is a road trip of a lifetime

Shortly after shooting last year’s documentary “Sound City”, Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl was inspired to further explore music and its stories.  Within this concept came their inspiration for the Foo Fighters eighth studio album titled “Sonic Highways”.  The concept is simple, come up with a list of cities that are either personally or culturally significant in the band’s influence.  So the band came up with Chicago, Washington, D.C., Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, and New York City.  In this tidy 48 minute record, the band gets to the point with the where and the whys of each track.  Every track was conceived, written, and recorded in each city. This made for a more personal effort than many can even claim.  The songs are a love letter to each city involved, and the recording process is documented in the miniseries currently airing on HBO.  For a review… Keep Reading

Civil rights addressed at book discussion

Christopher Lehman, ethnic studies professor, led a discussion of his newest book, “Power, Politics and the Decline of the Civil Rights Movement,” Thursday morning in the Miller Center that sparked conversation about contemporary issues around civil rights. Just after 9 a.m., faculty, staff and students took their seats around the table. Lalita Subrahmanyan, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, said that they put on the ‘Conversations with Campus Authors’ discussions to “celebrate” SCSU faculty for their scholarly work. She then followed by reading a poem to those in attendance, and had everybody go around the table for introductions. Subrahmanyan introduced Lehman and welcomed him back for his third book discussion. Lehman, sitting at the head of the table with a copy of his book and photocopied documents in front of him, began by asking, “How many of you around the table are free, American citizens?” Lehman… Keep Reading

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Dance emphasized at “Incredible India”

Dance and scientific contributions were emphasized at the 2014 India Night titled “Incredible India”, which was organized by the India Heritage Club and held in the Atwood ballroom Saturday night. The presentation began with the national anthems of India and the U.S. sung, and the lighting of a ceremonial lamp. Short speeches were given by the Faculty advisor of the IHC Dr. Sneh Kalia and the IHC president Sashank Chennuru, who also served as emcee for the evening. Chennuru emphasized at the beginning of the presentation that India isn’t just the stereotypes like IT guys. The presentation showed many facets of Indian culture, mostly dances, traditional and Bollywood themed. Two young girls performed one of the traditional dances, “Mohiniattam”. “Mohiniattam” literally translates to “dance of the enchantress”. For this, dancers traditionally wear jasmine flowers on their head, a golden belt, and dancing bells worn on their legs. The dance involves… Keep Reading

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Visual effects and fights make for an impressive “Hamlet”

“Denmark is a prison,” the title character says to his friend Guildenstern in the play ‘Hamlet’. I think the director took this quote to heart in his creative vision for the theatre department’s production of Hamlet, that was performed from November 18th to the 23rd on the center stage in the SCSU Performing Arts Center. Hamlet is a hefty endeavor to undertake. It is William Shakespeare’s longest play ever written, and is considered to be one of the most influential tragedies in English literature. It is difficult for a generally young cast to convey the deep meanings and dark themes clearly while reciting 400 year old Shakespearean language. I believe this production did a pretty admirable job of retelling the legendary play, with impressive costumes, set design, projection, and fight choreography. The set design in Hamlet is dark and dank looking. It’s industrial-looking structure resembles a prison quite well. The… Keep Reading

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Springtime Carnivore shows musical progression

Springtime Carnivore’s story is an eccentric one. If you look at Springtime Carnivore’s Facebook page, you’ll see a description that says in a past life Springtime Carnivore died in a gun fight with Annie Oakley. It also describes that Springtime Carnivore joined the circus as a tightrope walker. A fibula-breaking accident ended her career, but in the aftermath she reawakened her dormant love of playing the piano and thus the end result is her debut self-titled album out on Autumn Tone records. But who is behind Springtime Carnivore? For an adolescent, music tastes can change at the flip of a coin. My music tastes evolved over the course of middle and high school, from listening to the country-era Taylor Swift and emo-ish Paramore to listening to indie staples like The National and Animal Collective. In the midst of this music evolution there was one artist whose music had never gone… Keep Reading

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Jake Gyllenhaal plays suspense in ‘Nightcrawler’

Director Dan Gilroy brings another action-filled, crime, drama movie to the silver screen with Nightcrawler. This suspenseful film brings up the question “how far is too far?” when Lou Bloom played by Jake Gyllanhaal gets immersed in his film work while setting up himself to be the star of his own show. Lou Bloom is a common thief, struggling for means to get by, but then gets emerged into L.A.’s nighttime crime life by filming graphic events of car crashes, burning buildings, and the aftermath of local shootings and selling them to local news station KWLA. Nina Romina, news director of KWLA channel 6 makes a connection with Lou when he brings in his first footage of a man dying and paramedics trying to revive him. Nina gives him some advice of what kind of footage the new station is looking for After hiring an assistant, Rick, he seems to… Keep Reading

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Third Annual Survive and Thrive

The third annual Survive and Thrive conference hosted workshops that promote healing and offered a place for people to share their stories of surviving. The three-day conference started Wednesday, Oct. 15, at the Pioneer Place off fifth avenue downtown St. Cloud. Day one of the conference offered attendees workshops starting around 9 a.m. and running through the afternoon, followed with the ‘Survive & Thrive Jam’ running into the night. “Last year was good, and it’s still an intimate conference where people can engage in conversation, but this year is bigger,” said Rex Veeder, Director of Survive and Thrive. After last year’s conference, Veeder said that he took a few weeks off, but he began working on the layout and details in November 2013. “Everything considered, including the workshops, dinners, musicians and artists, the conference is taking off,” he said. With various workshops, events, keynote speakers and presenters, the conference brought… Keep Reading

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