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An intersection of art, music and electronics shown at ISELF

Music, electronics and art were combined in a presentation given at the ISELF building Wednesday. Tristan Perich, New York composer and artist, premiered his “Machine Drawing” in the ISELF lobby, with a musical performance with Professor Terry Vermillion as well. As part of the School of the Arts’ Creative Arts Series, Perich’s “Machine Drawing” will run until May 15. The installation starts out as a blank canvas, with a black pen hung and controlled by two motors. The motors are powered by a small circuit board with a microcontroller on it, which Perich referred to as a small computer. The circuit board has 20 megahertz, which means it gives 20 million instructions per second, controlling the motors. The drawing process in itself is occurring until May 15. Perich said that the drawings themselves are programmed to explore the difference between randomness and order. Perich said computers can’t actually generate randomness,… Keep Reading

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PepperJax Grill offers imitation, not duplication of real philly sandwiches

  Midwestern chain restaurant PepperJax Grill opened a new location in St. Cloud on Feb. 24, where the old Qdoba Mexican Grill was located. Since it opened, I have heard a considerable amount of talk about it from people around campus. Upon first seeing it on Division Street, I thought, what is PepperJax Grill? I had never heard of the restaurant before, and from the restaurant’s website it appears that its only location in Minnesota is the franchise in St. Cloud. There are other franchises in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri. The restaurant’s tag line is “America’s Best Philly!” I would regard that as being cheap and lazy promotion of a restaurant, and a claim that isn’t hard to make since I don’t know of any other philly cheese steak sandwich chains in the U.S.–coincidentally, as I was thinking of writing a review of this restaurant, I spent… Keep Reading

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‘Into the Woods’ comes to Atwood Movie Night

When we were children, fairy tales, Disney princess films, and magical stories all reigned supreme. Tales of happy endings, magical fairy godmothers, dashing princes, fair maidens, and evil queens all populated our imaginations. Disney has managed to build an influential empire off of these stories and has given them to the world. Eventually, we grow up and realize that fairy tales don’t always come true, good guys don’t always win, Prince Charming is a jerk, evil queens sometimes have good reason for doing what they do, and sometimes fair maidens have to save themselves. Disney is continuing to exploit their fairy tales with live action remakes/retellings like “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” “Maleficent,” “Cinderella,” the current hit on ABC “Once Upon a Time,” and the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” starring Emma Watson as Belle. On Christmas Day of 2014 Disney released a film adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine… Keep Reading

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Spoken word artist delivers powerful messages at Atwood

Kyla Lacey, spoken word artist, took the stage Wednesday night in the Atwood Memorial Center Ballroom to recite her poetry in spoken word format. Before Lacey’s performance, Chelsea Vanloon, president of UPB, shared how their organization came across Lacey. “UPB goes to this conference called NACA, the National Association for Campus Activities. Usually there are a lot of filler acts, but that’s where we found [Lacey],” Vanloon said. “Spoken word is a niche, so it’s usually the same group of people coming out, so giving them a new perspective is what we were aiming for,” Vanloon said. “[Lacey] talked about things such as women’s issues and race and we thought that would fit SCSU.” Lacey is from Orlando, Fla. and is an environmental enthusiast, an artist and animal lover, at one point telling audience members to add her on the popular photo sharing app Instagram if they had pet cats at… Keep Reading

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Humor found in adversity in “The Skin of Our Teeth”

Dinosaurs, biblical themes, and 1950s suburban New Jersey are some of the many things that juxtapose each other in the Thornton Wilder penned play “The Skin of Our Teeth”. The SCSU theatre department is performing “The Skin of Our Teeth”, directed by associate professor Jeffrey Bleam. “I’ve always enjoyed the play, or I’ve always wanted to enjoy the play,” Bleam said, ever since discovering “The Skin of Our Teeth” while in high school. A Pulitzer Prize winner, “The Skin of Our Teeth” was first performed on Oct. 12, 1942. The play is a three-part allegory that was originally set in 1940s New Jersey, but also involves prehistoric plot-lines. Bleam described the play as trying to present the perfect family while dealing with real imperfections. Bleam said the play was originally very long, and included 35 actors, but Bleam spent the previous semester cutting the play down to 90 minutes and… Keep Reading

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Love is all around for Father John Misty’s new album

Although I claim to be a music encyclopedia, I do have a pattern of not fully appreciating an album until a year or two after it is released. This is true for the album “Fear Fun” by indie folk singer-songwriter Father John Misty. I remember constantly hearing one of the album’s singles, “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings,” on The Current towards the end of my senior year of high school, and I enjoyed the fuzzed out lo-fi slow jam it had, and who could deny Josh Tillman’s, aka Father John Misty’s, silky vocals? It took me up until spring of 2014 to have fully delved into and appreciate every track on the album. I think “Fear Fun” is a cohesive moving album with charm, humor and a captivating range of Laurel Canyon-esque folk rock. “Fear Fun” was a debut success for Misty, although he had already released seven albums under the… Keep Reading

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Kingsman: The Secret Service a slick, hilarious, fun ride

Two films were released on Valentine’s Day weekend, one of them was based on E.L. James’ novel series Fifty Shades of Grey and the other was a little movie by the name of “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. Kingsman based off of graphic novel titled “The Secret Service” is directed by Mathew Vaughn (X-Men the First Class, Kick-ass) starring Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson and a whole slew of “Oh it’s that guy!” actors. Mark Hamill makes an appearance, as does Jack Davenport (Commodore Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean) and newcomer Taron Egerton. The movie was initially set to be released late last year similar to current releases Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, but all three were not ready for their initial release dates and they were pushed back to February. Whereas Jupiter Ascending has been panned for its zany effects and hard to follow plot, and Seventh… Keep Reading

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Controversial Comedienne CoCoa Brown Tackles SCSU Audience

Comedienne CoCoa Brown brought her act to a room of about 60 individuals in the Atwood Ballroom on February 12th. The audience was greeted by Brown’s immediate response to Minnesota’s weather and the diversity of her crowd, which consisted of both SCSU students and members of the community, who might’ve seen her previous work through outlets such as Tyler Perry’s critically acclaimed comedy series “For Better Or Worse” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. From there, Brown began her one-hour stretch of comedic topics, branching from contemporary media to societal issues and the flaws that one may be able to note on a daily basis. With nothing off limits in her act, Brown touched on subjects relatable to her student-oriented audience such as relationships and cheating, sex and marriage, college parties, and friendship, but not without offending members of her audience. “I understand that they were just jokes, but I didn’t feel like they… Keep Reading

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